‘Dynamic’ Language Switching and Per-Session Persistence

To side-step the issue of users switching our demo installation to non-English languages and as a proof-of-concept for a possible future CiviCRM feature, we’ve implemented a ‘dynamic’ language switching – after logging in, check the demo’s dashboard (i.e., the ‘CiviCRM Home’ page) and look for the ‘Choose Language’ box in the top right.

CiviCRM.HierSelect Widget

There are many screens in CiviCRM where the options in one drop-down affect what you see in a second or third drop-down menu. For example, when you do an Import or Export, and select Email - you then get a second drop-down to select a location (Home, Work, etc.). The widget which we use for this is PEAR's Hierarchical Select.

Trying out UserVoice via civicrm.uservoice.com

UPDATE: We have discontinued our use of UserVoice as of 12/11/2008 We've been trying to figure out a good structured and fair way of getting user input. We were pointed to UserVoice.com by Greg Heller at NTEN. UserVoice seems a fairly simple Web 2.0 site which does exactly that. Hopefully it has a decent search / sort / categoization system to handle an expanding list of features.

Constituents who are Organizations

UPDATE: You can review detailed implementation specifications here and here


  • "We are an Association whose members are organizations. How can these organizations signup and renew their memberships online?"
  • "We get contributions from companies as well as individuals. How can we configure our online contribution pages to handle this?"
  • "How can we allow someone from an organization to update the organization's address and contact info?"

These are questions that have come up over the past year from users - most recently with Emily Frazier who works on Public-access media related sites, and participated in our New Orleans Boot Camp. Working through real use cases and options with Emily was very helpful - and we think we've come up with an approach that makes sense. If you're organization has requirements in this area - please take some time to think about how well this will meet your needs.

CiviCRM v2.0 Webinar: April 29th, 11:00 am Pacific

It feels like 2008 is the year of CiviCRM training. Following in the heels of our Melbourne bootcamp is the CiviCRM webinar bought to you by Michelle Murrain and the good folks from NTEN. You can read more details about it on the NTEN website: Learn More About CiviCRM: Can This Be Your Organization's CRM?.

CiviCRM v2.0.2 released ...

Earlier today we pushed out v2.0.2 of CiviCRM. You can download it here. We have fixed approx 67 issues between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 (this involved approx 170 commits). This brings us to a grand total of 504 issues resolved for the 2.0 series. We suspect (and hope) that the rate of bugs filed / issues fixed will slow down significantly for future 2.0.x releases.

Notes from NTEN Conference 2008

Notes from the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, New Orleans, March 19-21, 2008

Notes from the CiviCRM affinity group meeting and the CiviCRM lunch table discussion have links on the bottom of the page http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC/Presentations. Both meetings were very productive.

More CiviCRM screencasts added

Mari Tilos has posted a few additional screencasts on our screencast wiki page. You can read and post your feedback on the forum topic here. If you have any ideas or suggestions for additional screencasts, please do post a comment on the forum topic

Feedback needed to improve CiviCRM usability ..

Zoey Kroll from CivicActions has volunteered to help us with usability issues. We've decided to focus on a few common CiviCRM screens to begin with. You can read more details on Zoey's blog post here. Please post your responses and feedback on our forum topic dedicated to this issue here.

CiviCRM in Google Summer of Code 2008

Thanks to the awesome folks over at the Joomla! project, CiviCRM will have a few projects in Google's Summer of Code this year. You can see the list of proposed project ideas here: http://docs.joomla.org/Summer_of_Code_2008_Project_Ideas#CiviCRM_Projects The biggest thing we need now are students to apply! Here are the top 3 reasons why you (or a student you know) should work on CiviCRM this summer: