2.2 Beta 1 Release

The first BETA release of version 2.2 - including CiviCase, Personal Campaign Pages, Soft Credits, Multi-value Custom Fields and more - is now available for download. You can use the automated upgrade script to upgrade from 2.1.x OR from a 2.2 alpha site. This release will be fully upgrade-able to any additional beta versions as well as 2.2 stable. Please help ensure a quality stable release by downloading and testing 2.2 beta against a copy of your site and data.

... If this is your first look at 2.2, check out the 2.2 Roadmap for a good overview. Or you can review a compete listing of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the issue tracker.


Report from London UK developer meeting

Last Thursday we had a developer meeting aimed at organisations and individuals developing with CiviCRM in the UK. Nine of us made it out. I'll try and give a flavour of the participants...
  • 4-3-2 Drupal - Joomla - Neither
  • 5-2-2 Experienced - Some experience - Just interested
  • 4-2-3 Developer - Client - A bit of both

2.2 Test-drive - Multi-record Custom Fields

Do you wish you could configure custom fields to store Employment History, Educational Background, Volunteer Skills or other types of information where you may need to enter multiple sets of values for a contact? Starting with CiviCRM 2.2, you can do just that. For example, if you need to collect Employment History - you might have fields for Job Title, Start Date, End Date, and Reason for Leaving. Enabling the "multiple records" setting in that custom data group will allow you to enter that information for multiple jobs. You can also set the maximum number of records which can be recorded per contact (you might only want data for the three most recent jobs).

Events - my vision of the future

I've been working for the past few months with CiviCRM and despite the differences which came as a bit of a culture-shock to me, I've cobbled together a few ideas for things that perhaps could be considered for future versions. Please bear in mind that these are simply things that I have had to add myself for a live contract and in no way reflects poorly on the CiviCRM system as it stands. On the contrary, I think the fundamental aspects of CiviCRM offer an easy way to add crm functionality to your site.

WANTED: users to test new install mechanism for CiviCRM 2.2 on joomla 1.5.9 ...

UPDATE: Please use the v2.2 beta downloads. The below version is now obsolete In conjunction with some awesome folks in the Joomla core team and Elin Waring (mcsmom), we've restructured the CiviCRM install process for J! 1.5.9 in the hope of increasing the install success rate on shared hosting. There are changes to the front end (contributed by Elin) to simplify menu creation.

CiviCRM and Sage

I'm hoping by posting this I can get a feel for how useful a Sage plugin and associated module for CiviCRM would be. We have a client that needs to have transactions from the various portions of CiviCRM that tend money to be recorded in their accounting package. I personally think it would be a great addition and being a client requirement, it has been factored into the costs. There are several considerations as to how to approach this, I have thought of a good few ways of achieving the goal but I’d like if I may to ask for a little help fleshing out the details.

CiviCase Webinar, User Meetup and Developer Camp

Introduction to CiviCase

Claire Sauve from Physician Health Program will be joining me in presenting an introduction to our new CiviCase component. The session will be an online web conference with phone dial-in, so participants can discuss interests and questions. No pre-registration is required - but drop me an email if you're planning on attending - dave at civicrm dot org. When: Wednesday, February 4 at 11:00am PST Toll Free Dial-in (U.S. & Canada): 1-866-740-1260 International Dial-in: click here for listings Participant Access Code: 8467471 Web Conference URL: https://www1.callinfo.com/prt?host=readytalk&an=8667401260&ac=8467471
Depending on participant interest, topics will include:

Benchmark your organisation with CiviCRM

Hi, As you know, CiviCRM collects informations about the installations, like numbers of contacts, what modules are used. I'm wondering if you would find useful to have more statistics in a new reporting screen on your installation (beside the numbers of records, knowing how many are tagged, have a postal address, have a phone, have relationships...).