2.1 Beta 3 Available

The team has been working hard to fix issues/ bugs as well as quite a few improvement suggestions reported by the community - and a third beta release of CiviCRM 2.1 is now available for download on SourceForge. We strongly encourage folks to download and test the beta release and help improve the final product. So test 2.1 Sandbox out now.

Keep CiviCRM for Drupal 5?

My self-appointed job is to hangout around here and complain about how CiviCRM could be more like Drupal or better implemented with Drupal. Instead of banning me from the forums and IRC for being annoying, Lobo gave me blogging access. So I'm writing to share about my latest campaign to Druplify CiviCRM. All the installations I build are done with Drupal, and I've written or improved a number of Drupal 5 modules that interface with CiviCRM. I also have a fairly wide base of clients who are on Drupal 5, might like CiviCRM 2.1+, but can't or won't upgrade to Drupal 6.

Development plans and proposals for CiviCRM v2.2

The CiviCRM team branched off v2.1 late last week. We hope to knock off most of the remaining v2.1 issues over the next few days and release the the first beta candidate. Please do help us out by downloading and testing the release OR testing it on our sandbox site. Your help does help make it a more solid and stable release.

Collecting more information from CiviCRM installs ..

Most of you are aware that CiviCRM collects version, CMS and an MD5 hash of the base url from a CiviCRM install. We discussed this feature in the blog post: Extending the Version Check Mechanism in CiviCRM 2.0. The CiviCRM admin can decide not to participate in the ping back mechanism. Here are some useful stats that we've collected using this feature: We've got close to 4000 installs running CiviCRM v2.0. Approx 66% are Drupal, 34% are Joomla. We have 133 installs testing various versions of 2.1 alpha, 98 Drupal / 35 Joomla.

2.1 Alpha 4 Available

The fourth (and probably final) 2.1 Alpha distribution is now available for download. We've gotten a decent amount of feedback from our community testers and reviewers - and have addressed almost all reported bugs as well as quite a few improvement suggestions. If you haven't spent any time with 2.1 yet - seriously consider downloading and trying out the upgrade - as well as any and all of the new features you're looking forward too. It's a wise investment. Time spent now will help prevent frustration and hair-pulling down the road. As we get closer to stable release, we are less likely to fix non-critical bugs or implement even minor improvement suggestions - so getting your hands dirty now means you're more likely to be really happy with the release. AND, the team is much more likely to provide extra help with upgrades to folks who have participated in the release review and testing process.   Download or test out the release on the 2.1 Sandbox NOW!

NTEN Donor Management Survey and CiviCRM ...

David Geilhufe (full disclosure: he is on the board of Social Source Foundation, the non-profit behind CiviCRM) has written a good article on What is Donor Management Software. The article discusses some of the potential reasons on the exclusion of CiviCRM from the list of software products. If you do use CiviCRM for donor management, do take the survey and write CiviCRM in the other box.

NTEN Donor Management Software Survey

Do you use Drupal/CiviCRM or Joomla/CiviCRM to manage your donors? Do you think CiviCRM is a good fit for your donor management software needs? Show your appreciation for CiviCRM/Drupal/Joomla and open source software by taking part in the NTEN Donor Management Survey. We got a pretty good grade in the NTEN CRM Survey (read more about it at: CiviCRM comes out on top in NTEN Survey).

2.1 Alpha 2 - Standalone Version and Multi-Language Features

The team has rolled a second 2.1 Alpha distribution with lots of fixes and improvements based on feedback from our heroic alpha testers out there, and our ongoing internal QA blast. We've gone through verification of almost 800 issue-tracker items - with each team member verifying a set of issues in an area where they did NOT do the coding. This process has turned up quite a few edge case issues - and the release is definitely getting more solid every day! Alpha 2 is available for download, AND to try out on our sandbox site. We want to make sure that the upgrade to 2.1 is as painless and error-free as possible. This can only happen if YOU test the upgrade process against a copy of your 2.0 data.

» 2.1 Installation and Upgrade Instructions have been added to Install section of the wiki