CiviCRM 3.0.beta4 released

We’re happy to announce that CiviCRM 3.0.beta4 is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember it’s a beta release and it shouldn’t be used on production sites. The next release could be 3.0 stable, so if you haven’t checked whether your favourite (old and new) CiviCRM features work the way you expect, it’s a very good time to do it.

Large-scale CiviCRM 3.0 beta 3 test upgrade successful

We've recently upgraded a copy of a 100,000+ contact install running 2.2.8 to 3.0 b3 for testing purposes. Functionality is fine and things look absolutely great in the new interface.

The upgrade was painless and quite quick. There was a foreign key drop constraint in the installer that needs tweaking, but the core team is on it and apart from that it took only about 20 minutes start to finish to upgrade the fairly good sized database.

Hooks implementation in Joomla and Standalone

A while back, Lobo alluded to some recent modifications that allowed Joomla and Standalone users to more easily tap into CiviCRM's hooks (issue detailed here). Hooks provide a powerful way to modify/customize Civi functionality without hacking core, thus making future upgrade paths much easier.

CiviCRM team and Mozilla Service Week

As you already know, CiviCRM is participating as a Mozilla Service Week partner. For the last few days we've been thinking about the specific shape of our contribution to this project and decided that we would like to offer consulting assistance to the community of organizations using or wanting to use CiviRM. The core team as a whole will pledge 100 hours to help organizations with CiviCRM related issues during Mozilla Service Week.

Is anyone using the United States Postal Services (USPS) Address Standardization web service plugin?

CiviCRM has included a plugin for interfacing United States Postal Services (USPS) Address Standardization web service for quite a number of releases. However, the USPS rules for using the service have been a bit hard to pin down and getting authorization from is apparently hit or miss. There have been a few forum posts indicating success using the plugin with CiviCRM versions 1.8 and possibly 1.9. However, since then we've pretty much only had reports of problems related to folks enabling the feature without having a valid account etc.