Announcing CiviCRM 2.1 Alpha

We are excited to announce that the initial Alpha release of 2.1 is now available for download, AND to try out on our sandbox site. We're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. Check out Dave's last blog for some highlights... or the 2.1 Roadmap for a more complete listing.

We strongly encourage folks to download and test the alpha release and help improve the final product. Upgrading to 2.1 requires a simultaneous upgrade of Drupal to 6.3, and we need test-drivers who can help us iron out any bleeps or burps that we haven't discovered in our own testing. You can contribute significantly to the project by testing the upgrade process against a copy of your 2.0 data, as well as running your regular tasks on an upgraded site.


Seattle Net Tuesdays - Online/tech enabled fundraising session on Sept 17th

Joe Murray forwarded this announcement to me - and I'm posting it here in case any CiviCRM folks in Seattle might be interested in doing a 5 minute talk on how they use CiviContribute for fundraising. (Even if you're not up for speaking, probably an interesting session to attend if you're in the Seattle area)...

Call for speakers on online/tech enabled fundraising.

I co-host Seattle Net Tuesday and our September event is focused on
utilizing technology for fundraising.  We're looking for a couple of
people who experimented with online fundraising within their


The American Friends Service Committee, where I work, needs to sync some information between our CMS (which isn’t Drupal or Joomla for various reasons) and CiviCRM. The vendor we’re working with is writing custom additions to the CMS to handle our needs, and part of that process is creating a PHP library to connect to the REST API of CiviCRM. When we asked, the vendor was very willing to open source that library.

Introducing CiviCamp ..

This camp is now confirmed. The dates are Oct 13th / 14th. Follow up blog post here

Following the lead from our friends at Ubercart with Ubercamp, we figured having CiviCamp might not be a bad idea. We suspect that doing it around BADCamp will give folks the opportunity who are traveling to combine two unconferences in one visit.

Proposed Dates

BADCamp is schedule for Oct 11/12, CiviCamp will be held on Oct 13/14.

Your input required for shaping up CiviCRM 2.1’s multilingual support

As my Google Summer of Code project went past its midterm evaluations, I’m happy to report that the core of the multilingualisation mechanism will be a part of the upcoming CiviCRM 2.1 release. For CiviCRM 2.1, the multilingual support will be rather basic, but still quite usable. You’ll be able to add language switching to you CiviCRM install, and once you switch from one language to another, certain fields will be able to have different values.

Report from the Bristol, UK meet up

Yesterday afternoon the CiviCRM UK usergroup got together for their first proper meeting in Bristol. It was a great chance to meet other users in the UK and be involved in interesting discussion about how we use - and want to use - CiviCRM. It was also nice to go to the dockside afterwards, catch the last of the sun, and watch hot air balloons flying over the city (though at that point, the discussion did move on from constituent relation management).

On Karma and Sandboxes

The 2.1 release hits code freeze this week - and we're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. For folks who haven't been following progress on the release with "baited breath" - some highlights:

  • Joomla 1.5 and Drupal 6 compatibility
  • Contribution Pledges (back-office and self-service)
  • Multi-language / single site support (with thanks to Google Summer of Code and the Joomla team)

Incorporating email into CiviCRM

Integrating CiviCRM with an email client (specifically Outlook) has been a long requested feature. Unfortunately we dont really have any internal windows expertise to make this happen (for now). For now, we've built some code for the HRD project that attaches incoming email as an activity to the contact record of emails that are in the from / to / cc / bcc fields (we create a contact record if not found)