OpenNGO auf Deutsch!

Axel Rüweler has completed an initial German translation of OpenNGO using our translation tool at

Special thanks to Axel for dedicating the time to complete the translation.

If you are interested in completing a translation of OpenNGO in your language, simply contact Michał Mach on the CRM development list.

Good Ideas in Open Source: Foundations & Corporations

The Mozilla Foundation, the folks behind Firefox and Thunderbird, have announced the Mozilla Corporation, a for-profit corporate subsidiary wholley owned by the 501-c-3 nonprofit Mozilla Foundation.

This precisely mirrors the structure we have choosen to support CiviCRM and OpenNGO. The Social Source Foundation, a 501-c-3 nonprofit, shepards the open source software along, creates code, builds community and generally tries to create a healthy ecosystem. We also have a wholly-owned for profit subsidiary that will offer an ASP version of our software at a small monthly fee (approximately $50 per month).

CiviCRM in Khmer, Thai, Spanish, Polish, Portugese

CiviCRM 1.0 Beta has been released in Polish and English. We have a bunch of other translations that have been started on our translation server. Current translations in progress include: Spanish (Español) Thai ( ไทย), Khmer Brasilian Portuguese (Português) Polish took about 24 person-hours to do the translation, so we expect each language would require a similar level of effort. Khmer and Thai are particularly exciting since they demonstrate that we can support non-roman alphabets. The next step is to support non-left-to-right languages like Arabic and Japanese.

Jeff Patrick riffs on CiviCRM and its place in the larger ecosystem

Here: Jeff Patrick riffs on CiviCRM Jeff does a great job of putting CiviCRM in a larger context. We welcome the expectations he sets up for the CiviCRM community and hope the enough people use, extend, understand and join CiviCRM to far exceed the wildest expectations.

User Access & Permissioning

Functional and contact-level access control is now implemented on the sandbox. User access overview describes the permissioning options. Logins and User Roles Some 'example roles' have been setup on this sandbox. You can use the logins below to try them out: Role: CiviCRM Admin Login: crmadmin demo Role: Team Lead Login: teamlead demo Role: Volunteer login: volunteer demo Current Sandbox Access Control

About Us

CiviCRM stems out of 5 years worth of efforts to build open source tools for the nonprofit, NGO and social sectors. Too many people have been involved to properly thank them all. Core software development and evangelism is provided by the Social Source Foundation (SSF). The CiviCRM team is composed of numerous organizational and individual contributors. Special thanks to everyone that helped to design, build and test our software: