CiviCRM use in faith-based groups

Theatre groups, political organisations, environmental charities... CiviCRM is used by organisations of all shapes and sizes and the faith-based sector is a growing part of that. Here's a snapshot of our own Civi journey at Woodlands Church in Bristol, UK.  

We started using CiviCRM three years ago after considering various proprietary church software options. We chose Civi because of the flexibility it offered us and a skilled Drupal developer who attends the church took the project forward.

Recurring events and attendance reporting as core Civi functions?

I’m based with a group of three churches in Bristol, UK and we transitioned to Civi in June 2011, integrating it with our new Drupal 7 website. We’re loving Civi’s functionality and the customization it allows, but there is one thing on my wishlist which may be on yours too – the ability to deal easily with recurring events, including reporting on attendance.