First working day of a very promising Sprint

2014-09-29 16:29
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Surrounded by a spectacular environment, Edale is definetely a great choice for this year's Sprint.
Yesterday (Sunday) we spend some time with setup, mastering our English-Pool skills and welcoming to the 20+ sprinters that arrived during the day. Before Craig's great dinner we had a brief meeting about logistics in general and how we were going to organize ourselves to have a productive sprint.
Today's morning meeting was the perfect ocassion for meeting everyone and for sharing our aims for this Sprint. Some of these issues were:
- CiviHR improvements
- Documentation
- Marketing
- Work on the SEPA module 
- A/B Mailing testing
- Extensions
- 4.5.1 & 4.6 issues
After that and while the guys where trying to fix some connectivity issues (which they did) we had a very productive Marketing Meeting with Michael and Jamie who joined at the end of it. In the meeting we reviewed what worked in the past year since the Marketing Committee was created, what didn't work and how we could move things forward the next year. We came up with very interesting initiatives for improving the conference & booth materials for representing CiviCRM in trade shows, talked the great work that Nicolas Ganivet is doing with Stats, revamp some PR and social media initiatives, among other great areas of work that will be part of another specific marketing blog post.
Good Sprint to everyone!
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