Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 20:51
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We had another engaging NYC meetup on March 16th, competing with the first warm sunny day after the crazy noreaster, where around 20 people spent the evening to dig in to CiviCRM.

After our usual intros where folks can express what they'd like to get out of the evening, Fred kicked off a case study of how he used civi for the Man Up Campaign, and demonstrated the use of profiles to collect information from individuals who would like to engage or contribute to the campaign.

We then broke up into several groups based on the interests that popped up in the intros: one group huddled to figure out Civimail (and Jack posted notes on her blog); Joseph and I facilitated and answered questions from an inquisitive group of civi newbies, and spent a few minutes talking about the new drupal module, CiviEngage; Sacha led a group that wanted to focus on troubleshooting specific issues; and Kyle facilitated another group in looking at how to work with templates and how to check out code from SVN.

The various civi skill levels, "how can I make civi" questions, the never-ending joomla vs. drupal allegiances, and ongoing networking really make NYC meetups quite a vibrant community - and yes it's fun too.

We're also a the pilot for having the first NYC CiviCRM Meetup Discussion board. Check it out and see what we're talking about.

We hold our meetups once a month at Rayogram's office, so if you'd like to join us, keep your eye out for the next event to be posted on the CiviCRM site.

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