Winning with CiviCRM: Building Skills & Developing Campaigns - Seattle, WA, May 10-12, 2016

Progressive Technology Project invites you and members of your staff and team to Join us in Seattle for a kick-ass CiviCRM/Powerbase training. During this three-day in-person session, you'll sharpen your skills and knowledge to effectively use CiviCRM/Powerbase--no matter your user level. We're offering three tracks on different days so users of all skill levels can attend whatever day(s) make sense for you.


Josué Guillén (Community Engagement Director, Austin, TX) and his Involvement with the PowerBase Project

Josué started doing social justice work when he participated in the Center for Third World Organizing‘s organizer training program in 1990. That led to a decade of working as an organizer for both community groups and labor unions. In 2000 he decided to switch careers, focusing on supporting the technology needs of groups doing organizing.


Another lively night at NYC's March CiviCRM Meetup

We had another engaging NYC meetup on March 16th, competing with the first warm sunny day after the crazy noreaster, where around 20 people spent the evening to dig in to CiviCRM.

After our usual intros where folks can express what they'd like to get out of the evening, Fred kicked off a case study of how he used civi for the Man Up Campaign, and demonstrated the use of profiles to collect information from individuals who would like to engage or contribute to the campaign.

Report Back from NYC CiviCRM Meetup - Dec. 8th, 2009

Here’s a group posting from Alice with Progressive Technology Project, and Kyle and Sacha with Rayogram:

Once again Rayogram’s staff stepped it up with hosting our NYC meetup, provided wifi access, with Sacha and Kyle taking leads in facilitating advanced user and developer hands-on break outs. I facilitated the newbies’ hands-on and demo break out, where we were able to use training sets fashioned by the Civi core team.

Report Back from NYC CiviCRM Meetup on Oct 1st, 2009

We had another well-attended meetup last thursday, hosted by the folks at Rayogram, with about 20 people participating. Annalee Van Kleeck, Lyric Systems, who has an extensive background in various fundraising systems, presented a case study of her work using Drupal/CiviCRM for Hands On, focusing on online ticket and subscriptions sales, a calendar of cultural events, and a resources library.

Report back from NYC CiviCRM Meetup - Aug 6, 2009

- Here's a report back from Sacha Stanton

The New York Meetup was a great success last night, as 33 people got a glimpse into upcoming releases, several case studies, and great open floor discussions. Dave Greenberg, core contributor, joined in via Skype video to provide insight into upcoming features and answering questions.