Thursday, August 10, 2006 - 06:17
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We are pleased to announce the latest release of CiviCRM - version 1.5. Special thanks to the dedicated folks who contributed to this release by testing the alpha and beta revisions - and to everyone in the community who provided new ideas, feedback (especially critical feedback), and patches.

What's new in 1.5?

This release includes CiviMember - a new membership management component, and Search Builder - a new tool for building complex search queries. We've also made significant memory and speed optimizations. Other release highlights include:
  • Log and display who last updated a contact and when
  • Map contact addresses without requiring latitude and longitude (using Google Maps 2.0)
  • Include mapping links in Profile search results and details
  • Optional CAPTCHA validation for Profile input forms
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Attach photos, documents and other files to contacts
  • Search by relationship
  • Customize the data columns which are included in the built-in Basic and Advanced Search results
  • Customize your own templates for Contact View and Edit screens
..You can read the roadmap release summary here. ... and see a complete listing of ALL (140+) new features, improvements and bug fixes here. Interested in learning more about CiviMember? Read more here.