Election time!

2020-02-10 08:50
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We are about to start the election process for the Community Council of CiviCRM and we would like to invite you to register as a voter or nominate yourself as a candidate.

The Community Council of CiviCRM has been tasked at the Barcelona Civi Summit:

“Our community is the cornerstone on which CiviCRM is built, we will hold elections to establish a body charged with coalescing the ideas, opinions and values of the community, nurturing our intra-community relations and protecting our community as a safe space to collaborate on our overall aim of providing a world-class open-source CRM aimed at doing global good.”

The Community Council will work closely together with the Core Team to support and guide the community. As this will be a new body we will elect 11 members, 5 for two years and 6 for one year. In the future there will be a rotation schedule and each member will sit for two years.

The instructions and timeline for the voter registration and nomination process will be announced shortly so watch this space!

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