CiviCRM Meetup - the 1st North of England meetup!

2012-01-18 01:50
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The first North of England meetup took place on the 12th of January 2012. It was really well attended with fifteen attendees. The attendess consisted of people interested in CiviCRM, users, implementers and developers. Some of these people had travelled quite a long way to get there and we were really pleased to see them.


The focus of the meetup was to start to create a community of people interested in CiviCRM across the North of England and secondly to create a forum by which those looking at using CiviCRM can come along for practical advice.


The meetup icebreaker went really well (we struggled to stop people talking!) and this was followed by two demonstrations. The first one was a demo of CiviCase using a real world example. The second demo looked at CiviEvent and how this can be integrated into a Drupal public website.


We also got plenty of feedback on the format which we will be taking into account for the next meetup. Personally I think it was fantastic to see so many keen people there and I'm really looking forward to the next meetup in three months time. If you would like us to let you know when the next one is taking place please get in touch


Oliver Gibson, GMCVO,

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Out of curiousity who are the org that demonstrated? Do you have slides you could share?



IMO UK meet ups are going pretty well now :)

We've managed to find three orgs, Circle Interactive, GMCVO and Third Sector Design that share the admin of running these meet ups which means that we have one meet up a month in the UK (cycling between Bristol, Manchester and London).  Its quite a decent model and means that are max one month away from a CiviCRM meet up.

I'd really encourage other orgs using CiviCRM to set up meetings in their own local places.

There is a wiki page: that we can use to share ideas and tips on running meet ups which should be helpful for people starting up meetings.  Feel free to get in contact with any of us if you are starting up a meet up and want some advice.

A quick note of congratulations on getting this organised on such a firm basis - I look forward to getting more involved.


It helps that I live in Bristol!