New CiviCRM Community Council meets

2023-07-25 02:54
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The first meeting of the newly constituted CiviCRM Community Council was held July, 13, 2023.

As reported by Kath Carruthers July, 11, 2023 (, 11 people were acclaimed for a new term. There has been some renewal, with people who have stepped back for health or other reasons replaced by new people with fresh enthusiasm. We'd particularly like to thank @homotechsual (Mikey O'Toole from MJCO) for the extensive work he has done for the community especially around documentation and for the Community Council in supplying some of our internal support for various technologies.

As this was the first meeting of the new term, we did introductions and discussed our varied understandings of what the purpose of the group was, how we could communicate to the broader community, and some possible activities for each person to take on in our do-ocratic CiviCRM community way. Neil chaired and Gena took minutes. What individuals want to focus on will be a focus of our next meeting.

Emails can be sent to the Community Council : Individuals on the Council can also be contacted at the following emails:

Joe shared with the Council feedback from a very positive meeting with Josh about how the Community Council and Core Team could work more closely together this coming Council term. There are opportunities for each side to have someone attend the other's meeting, perhaps periodically. Each side could provide feedback on major initiatives or decisions the other will be undertaking, such as on annual budgets, and there could be a shared focus on initiatives such as increasing the number of CiviCRM installations.

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