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Last week, stakeholders from the CiviCRM community came together to discuss issues of governance and sustainability, and to review recent developments in CiviCRM as well as how it’s managed. We called it a Governance Summit because there was a lot of interest in governance. Regardless, this was fundamentally a “Community Summit” where members of the community could work together to improve CiviCRM as a whole. This post is a recap of much of the work that took place at the summit. 

Since a lot of this writing is already, errr, written up elsewhere, let’s do it in list format and provide links to specific areas that allow you to dig into the details:

  1. Governance Summit summary: Included is an effort to form an establishment committee to create a governing body

  2. The core team provided an overview of its financial position and will try to provide a monthly or quarterly update to the community. We indicated that funds were exacerbated due to an accounting error that led to a tax liability, to a handful of small yet very un-profitable projects, and to several large receivables that have been deemed “not recoverable”. We also indicated that we were phasing out the member program and instead 1) reviewing ES as a source of income 2) working to promote more MIH campaigns and 3) focusing on earned income.

  3. We’re hoping that a similar ‘Community Summit’ will take place in the EU in 2019. Workspace for that coming online at:

  4. There was a lot of discussion on Extended Support and the Core Team is tasked with evaluating whether to pursue it or not. Project space here:

  5. Tim Otten did a presentation on CiviCRM Form Builder. That same presentation should make its way across the Atlantic to the Bamford Sprint! Brief non-technical summary of the Form Builder project here: There’s currently a Make It Happen campaign (64% funded) intended to develop a proof of concept. This is a big effort that will take community-wide support. Support this MIH here:

  6. Coleman Watts listened to feedback on making CiviCRM easier to adopt for new users. He did a little legwork on CiviTutorial ( and spun up an MIH to raise funds to complete the development. You can learn about and support this effort here:

  7. Rolling out a space for feature requests in CiviCRM here: Overview on how to use this new workspace:

Big thanks to summit participants and a special thanks to Justin at Agileware who attended remotely (while in Australia!) and who bought everyone beer. :D

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