CiviCRM Community, Take Pause and Consider this Letter

2021-03-30 02:36
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As you may be aware, CiviCRM was recently given an award for its incredible social impact by the Free Software Foundation. I think we can all agree that CiviCRM is amazing software! Likewise, I believe that we all recognize that our diversity in perspectives, nationalities, genders, text editors, etc. is vital to the health of both the software and the project.

I’m writing this blog post because now may be one of those times where, as a member of our diverse community, you may wish to express your individual views.

A letter has circulated regarding the removal of various members of the Board of Directors of the free software foundation for past remarks made and positions taken. Various members of the CiviCRM community have begun discussing this online as well as have already signed this letter.

While this post will not rehash everything in detail, the central issues raised in the letter require reflection and, in our view, participation in some positive, constructive form. We encourage you to take pause and consider the letter and the merits of the request, and to act in a manner that is appropriate for you.

Please note, should you wish to sign the letter, you must email: digitalautonomy at requesting to be added.

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