Community Ambassadors Needed

2020-05-25 05:12
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CiviCRM once had a list of ambassadors that provided a reference point for new potential users of CiviCRM, answering questions about the software, the community and how to get started. At a certain point, this went away and was never revised or replaced. We’re rekindling this idea now, albeit with a slightly different focus and in a different format.

We heard loud and clear at the Community Summit in Barcelona that we needed greater community engagement in order to grow CiviCRM’s contributor base. In response, we’ve begun consolidating content on (tracking the issue here) and are including a directory of community members that are active on chat and that are willing to help guide new potential contributors as they get involved.

These new ambassadors should include group leaders as well as community members that can respond to inquiries quickly and consistently. If you’re interested in participating, please send me a PM on chat @josh and we’ll add you to the list.

Please note that not being on the list shouldn’t preclude you from responding to inquiries from new community members! We’re very grateful for everyone that participates in helping guide community members and in improving CiviCRM.

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