New Stripe release supporting PSD2 (SCA)

2019-09-13 15:29
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We are pleased to release the new stripe extension version 6.0 just in time for the implementation of the new European PSD2 payments directive that enters into force on the 14th September.

The new release uses the Stripe Elements library which simplifies PCI compliance and allows SAQ-A certification for most sites. The extension now supports 3d secure and other client-side authentication/validation methods.

This release was funded through a Make it Happen campaign and we are still expecting to add a few more features using that funding - see for a list of things we're still hoping to work on.

Please make sure you install the mjwshared extension before upgrading.

After upgrading, you MUST update your API version on the stripe dashboard to 2019-09-09!

You can download the extension from here

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