Stripe and SCA payments

2019-09-05 08:36
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With the September 14th deadline for SCA payments and Stripe increasingly reminding users about their PCI compliance many of you will be wondering what is happening with the new Stripe extension that was funded in record time through the CiviCRM Make it Happen programme.

The good news is that it is nearly ready!


If you are keen to try out a preview we have today released a first alpha version.  It should not be used on production sites as many things that used to work do not work yet.  But if you use-case is a simple contribution page with a single payment processor and you are not accepting recurring payments then you will have no problems.

The new version requires a "helper" extension that contains functionality shared between all payment processors developed by .

Install the "mjwshared" extension first from here:

Then install the new stripe extension from here:


The new version uses Stripe "Elements" which simplifies PCI compliance and in most cases allows you to be SAQ-A compliant without further effort -

For more information about SCA see

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