Enthusiasm and Community-Building at SF Bay Area CiviCamp 2018

2018-06-04 09:00
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A tapestry of attendee comments…

  • Great community.  Geared for all types of users including reviewers.   A unique chance to connect with other CiviCRM users. A chance to learn about all the amazing ways people are employing Civi in the wild.  Useful to meet others in the CiviCRM world, find ways to get support and learn about stuff you didn't know about previously.  
  • Great Networking with users and professionals.  Hands down, would strongly recommend the expertise of presenters and quality content of sessions.  The extensions talk by Jon Goldberg was worth the trip from LA. It was very valuable to hear Tim Otten's sharing about future directions.  
  • Lots of gratitude to the organizers for their collaborative processes, consistent communications and can-do mindset.  Also for attracting knowledgeable expert presenters, attendees, CiviCRM core team representation and outstanding local sponsors.  Great location.  
  • It's very affordable to attend CiviCamp.  Low-key.  Camaraderie.  Go to for the information, stay for the people.  I drove all the way to Oakland from Ventura to attend, and I'd do it again.  Loved it all!  Thank you.


The last time the Bay Area’s CiviCRM community gathered was for CiviDay way back in February 2016. The time had come to gather again, network and support each other.  

Noah Miller of Lemniscus and long time CiviCRM ambassador and community organizer Neil Planchon took on the production of the San Francisco Bay Area’s first ever CiviCamp.  The full-day event took place on May 3rd, 2018 in delightful Preservation Park in Oakland.  A rich and diverse group of CiviCRM users from the Bay Area and beyond came out strong to (re)connect, learn about and get updated on all things CiviCRM. 

Early on, we decided our CiviCamp had to follow the CiviCRM community’s interests.  In the end, our programming was informed by pre-event surveys which led to eleven different sessions and nine lighting talks! 

We deeply appreciate the generosity and commitment of our presenters: Jack Aponte, Palante Technology Cooperative; David Bracamontes, GSA Network; Timothée Colmet-Daâge, CiviDesk; Richard Esguerra, Giant Rabbit; Jon Goldberg, Megaphone Technology Consulting; Lisa Jervis, Information Ecology; Jen Lampton, Backdrop CMS; Josh Mailman, NorCal CarciNET Community; Noah Miller, Lemniscus; Tim Otten, CiviCRM Core Team and Dana Skallman, Tadpole Collective.  Their session descriptions are posted here

We also owe a deep debt of gratitude to our colleagues at Aspiration for their assistance in securing Preservation Park.  On Team CiviCRM, we appreciate the agility, efficacy and warmth provided by Josh Gowans and Nicol Wistreich.  A big heart thank you to Bruce Wolfe for his mentorship.

Our sponsors made CiviCamp San Francisco Bay Area 2018 possible and for that we acknowledge their awesome in-person and financial contributions.  They are: CiviSMTP, Information EcologyInternet Archive, Megaphone Technology Consulting and Alcohol Justice.  They are our allies and we urge you to reach out to them for support in every way you can. 

Our attendees walked away with hearts filled, many questions answered, new skills and connections as well as lots of learning.  We appreciate you all and look forward to co-creating with you all again. 


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