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2016-08-18 09:31
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Ever wanted to know Hebrew birthdays, yahrzeit dates, and other Hebrew dates for your contacts?  Now you can track all these dates, search on them, prepare lists,  and send reminders at the right time, and more.   Since this is a native CiviCRM extension, it will work under Drupal, WordPress or Joomla.

Get the extension at:

Full documentation at:

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Some examples:


Examples of how you can use this extension: 

Send people an email or SMS reminder about a their Hebrew birthday, yahrzeits they observe, calculated according to the Hebrew calendar.   (This extension knows how to deal with Adar vs Adar I vs Adar II, and other interesting dates that do not occur every year)   These reminders could include links to Contribution Pages to encourage an "in memory" donation. (Use the fancy token extension to make that easier:

Use this extension to prepare a list of all yahrzeits that occur in the next week, so that their names can be read aloud during services.   

It will even calculate the earliest a person can have their bar/bat mitzvah, to help with scheduling. 

Don't understand any of this blog post, but you work/volunteer somewhere that is involved in the Jewish community,  just ask how this can help your organization.   

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