CiviCRM Event and CiviMail - Possible integration?

2016-04-06 18:22
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There has been some discussion in my organisation around possibly streamling the process and improvement process in regards to CiviEvents and Inviting people to come to the event. 

The senario is this, We have end users who create events such as come to our Phonebanking evening. Yet there is no way through the event create / configuration process to then create an invite email or similar that could go to a target group. Say there is a group already created of people who have expressed an interest in phone banking. 

What we think would be a possible imporvement is that there is an additional screen or such created in the CiviEvent configuration, that would allow for an email to be sent to a specific group. using from emails etc from CiviMail. The receipients of said invite email would then be recorded to the event as "Invited" and differentiate from those that are comming who are recorded as "registered"

If people can comment below on if this is a reasonable idea or not. 

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Sounds good. Others might think of this as an RSVP capability.

The "invited" workflow would be a much bigger lift than the CiviMail part. 

Your description makes it sound like a participant record with the status "invited" would be created.  If an invitee actually registers online, CiviCRM will either create a duplicate participant record or prevent them from registering: you'd need to make sure it updates the "invited" to "registered".

This sort of idea has come up a few times, so I think it would be well-received, but it would require some reworking of how CiviEvent currently operates.

However, I do feel that the event management area is cluttered with too much stuff, and we should be removing tabs from that workflow rather than adding to it.  Instead, maybe "Invite to Event" would be a good action to add at the top of search results.

Anonymous (not verified)
2016-04-14 - 17:30

This would be a great time saver

Could the event info also populate the invite by default?