15 April, 2014

A final blog about our Donor Journey sprint with Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge. Or I should really say our sprint on CiviCRM Trigger Action. We set out to at least create the first basic version of the engine to automatically do stuff based on stuff in CiviCRM :-) Some kind of mechanism that would allow MAF Norge to automatically move donors into specific groups once they have contributed for the first time or set up a recurring payment for example. I feel we have made a good really start on the engine, for more technical details read the previous blogposts by Jaap Jansma (jaapjansma in Civispeak). The first test was quite successfull, and going through the list of triggers with Steinar worked pretty well. As we expected we did make one of the most unsexy things ever, which is a nightmare to configure. So even though Helen and Steinar can work with it, it is not something I would hesitate to hand out to everyone...but it is...

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10 April, 2014

Today a new blog post about the progress of the implementation of Donor Journeys into CiviCRM. The route we are taking is that we want to create a trigger/action extension for civicrm because most the donor journey automation is based on a trigger/action. e.g. payment coming in resulting in a thank you SMS a day later. 

In our earlier blogs about donor journeys (Donor Journey Sprint Day 1 and Donor Journey Sprint Day 2) you could read about the internal working and the data structure of the trigger extension.

Yesterday and today we have been working on refactoring the extension to meet the requirement of combining multuple triggers and having the possibility to have condition on custom fields as well. So we have decided to let go the trigger action table/structure and have decided that we have a rule_schedule table...

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08 April, 2014

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the first day in the sprint for the donor journeys. I have discussed that we are focussing on a trigger/action extension to automate most of the donor journeys. I wrote a bit about the internal working and the data structure of this extension. 

Today we have finsished the internal working of the system. It is now possible to define triggers and actions. Right know you can enter those only in the database. We have made a start with the user interface and we continue to developer the user interface tomorrow. So that a user can enter a set of triggers and actions. In this blog post I want to show you how you can enter the trigger and actions in the database. The reason is that this will show in more depth how the extension works.

To explain how the extension work let me first explain which trigger/action I will use in this example.

Example: add every...

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07 April, 2014

The planning of this is an outcome of the unconference we had in Januari in London, with LLR, Amnesty Flanders, MAF Norway, Decaid Consulting and CiviCooP. The aim for this sprint, which last for only one week, is to create a trigger/action functionality for civicrm. E.g. we want a trigger that a donor becomes a member of a group of its total contributions are more than 25.000 euro's. Or when a contribution is completed we want to sent out a thank you message based on the communication preferences (e.g. e-mail, sms, postal mail).

What we have done today is to brainstorm on how we want to setup the extension for the trigger and actions. We have created a data structure and started working on the first draft of the user interface. In this blog I want to introduce and explain the data structure and the working of the triggers. 

Internal working

The internal working of the trigger action extension is based on three components:

  1. A trigger (e.g....
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21 March, 2014
By Eileen
Filed under Extensions

Once upon a time there was a charity who was a visitor to both the lands of Xero and CiviCRM. This charity liked Xero and wanted contributions created in CiviCRM to be sent to the land of Xero. In the land of Xero these contributions would be called invoices and they would be matched with payments. Upon their return to CiviCRM all would know about their paid status and events would be confirmed and emails would go out and all would be be well. They spake with a mighty sorceress from the far-away do-ocracy of Fuzion and verily this came to pass.

At this time the wizard of Xero was little known and although others came seeking the path they found it tortuous, hard-coded and drupal 6 specific. But, as the prowess of Xero grew, more came seeking. Enter the Circle - a brave gladiator called Andy from Circle Interactive set out on the quest of building a bridge for users of Drupal 7 to the growing kingdom of Xero. Like many brave adventures this...

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16 February, 2014

Have you ever needed to send an email from CiviCRM that includes a list of upcoming events? Then you know how much fun the copy/paste effort this entails, especially if you want to use a checksum in the links to register. Plus you know you get to repeat the whole exciting process for the next newsletter the following week or month. Or if you have someone else you need to train on this task, try explaining to a non-technical person how to hand-edit the URL query string to include the checksum paramaters. (is the contact ID query string param name "cid=x" or "id=x", well that depends....)          And even if you do not deal with events, you can have the same fun teaching someone else to properly use checksums when you need to include a hyperlink to a contribution page or a stand-alone profile.  

If you want a much easier process for listing upcoming events with links to register, including links to contribution pages and stand-alone profiles, then try out the new extension...

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11 February, 2014
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This weekend I pushed out version 1.3 of CiviVolunteer. It contains a handful of bugfixes (check out the commit history for more on that) and a new feature that is the subject of this post.

CiviVolunteer 1.3 introduces the concept of "project beneficiaries." This release allows admins to specify a contact which benefits from or is the target of a volunteer project. For organizations which broker volunteers as a service to other organizations, this feature facilitates recording and reporting the number of volunteer hours provided to each partner org. Organizations with a chapter structure will find the project beneficiary useful as well, as service or volunteer hours often have implications on funding from the umbrella group.

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05 February, 2014
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We are reviewing the extension Relationship Permissions as ACLs, which has been made available by Eileen McNaughton from Fuzion (http://fuzion.co.nz/). Kudos to Eileen and Fuzion for sharing the extension!

What does it do

The extension sets permissions for contacts based on the relations permission.It is a bit complicated......did we get it correctly Eileen?

When you want be able to have the permissions on relationship going one level further then the standard CiviCRM level.
This extension is useful in the following example where you have the following contacts:

Bookshop (Local department)

  • Johnson – Manager of local department, a permission relationship for Johnson to the bookshop (Johnson is allowed to view and edit the bookshop)
  • Betty – Volunteer at the local department, a permission relationship for the bookhsop to the volunteer (the bookshop is allowed to view and...
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05 February, 2014
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This time we had a look at the Extended Mailing Stats extensions, that was contributed by Andrew MacNaughty. The extension is used by the Australian Greens (http://greens.au.org). More information on the extension can be found on https://civicrm.org/extensions/extended-mailing-stats. And a big thank you to Andrew and the Australian Greens for sharing this extension!

As the extension is marked as "No, this Extension Release is not ready for automated distribution" we will make comments but not score this extensions. Only extensions marked as "Yes, this Extension Release is ready for automated distribution" are scored.

What does it do

The extension extends the information available on the standard CiviCRM mailing report with additional tracking information that can be quite useful for organizations that use CiviMail. The extension enables a CiviCRM report...

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27 January, 2014
By kreynen

Did that get your attention?

Unfortunately it's not as simple as just coming up with ideas and waiting for a check from Google. As a community, CiviCRM has to apply to even be part of the program. We are still looking for both more project ideas and more mentors to include in CiviCRM's application to be a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2014.

I've been told this blog post was too long. So the tl;dr summary is that organizations with project ideas and developers interested in mentoring a Google Summer of Code student should add their ideas and information to Google Summer of Code 2014 Wiki.

At this point in the process we are trying to make CiviCRM appealing to both potential students and Google. Several months ago we started updating the wiki of project idea...

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