01 October, 2014
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Last year we worked together with MAF Norway on the TriggerAction extension to help them with their fundraising donor journeys. They were able to find some initial funding so we developed like mad for a week to be able to start. The TriggerAction extension was a result of that hard work, and MAF Norway presented this at the London CiviCon on 25th September 2014.

Even though we are proud of what we managed to achieve in such a small timeframe and the MAF Norway is actually using the extension, we all think we need a second development sprint to improve the concept. We hope the session at CiviCon will help to find some additional funding and are really happy that MAF Norway wants to commit some of their budget once more for a next phase. We are planning for a sprint in the end of January 2015, and hopefully an additional one somewhere in March.

Jaap Jansma and me are now at the Edale CiviCRM sprint doing some of the ground work of what will be the extension CiviRules....

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01 September, 2014

There is a newly updated version of the native extension called "Fancy Tokens". This new version (2.1) includes enhancements suggested by the community. Specifically the request from Xavier to include tokens for individual event registration pages, where the event ID can be easily changed. 

Have you ever needed to send an email from CiviCRM that includes a list of upcoming events? Then you know how much fun the copy/paste effort this entails, especially if you want to use a checksum in the links to register. Plus you know you get to repeat the whole exciting process for the next newsletter the following week or month. Or if you have someone else you need to train on this task, try explaining to a non-technical person how to hand-edit the URL query string to include the checksum paramaters. (is the contact ID query string param name "cid=x" or "id=x", well that depends....)          And even if you do not deal with events, you can have the same fun teaching someone else to...

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27 August, 2014
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If you are one of the early adopters of CiviVolunteer on 4.4.x and planning to upgrade to 4.5, your help is needed to test out the 4.5 release of CiviVolunteer 1.3.
This release is to ensure that people are not held back from upgrading to the much anticipated 4.5 release. However the brand new release of CiviVolunteer 1.4 is right around the corner and will have significant new features. This release has been sponsored by the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, a community cable access station, http://www.mnn.org/ , and will be incorporated into the Community Media Drupal Distribution which MNN is a co-steward of. http://cmdrupal.org/

If you run a volunteer program or simply participate in one, please head over to the CiviVolunteer Roadmap [http://is.gd/civivol] and give us your 2 cents on which features should be in the...

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14 August, 2014
By Eileen
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I have a few payment processing related projects on the go but having just gotten the first one to alpha stage I thought it would be a good time to share some thoughts (& try to get them straight in my mind). The project I am referring to is developing a Cybersource Secure Acceptance POST payment processor. For this payment processor I had a big challenge and also a big opportunity.

The challenge

The Cybersource Secure Acceptance POST gateway is one of an increasingly common breed known as transactional redirect or sometimes direct post method. The idea is that you gather most data on your site and then present the user with a credit card form on your site which POSTs to the Cybersource site. This way the credit card form is presented on your site and the customer never knowingly (depending on internet speed) leaves your site but none of the credit card information ever hits your server in any way. This gives you PCI compliance without the ugly redirect (...

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10 August, 2014
By andyw
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What is Bitcoin?

So you may have heard about Bitcoin, some of you might be quite familiar with it - but for those who aren't, it is a digital currency - a form of electronic cash which can be used to make online payments, transfer money to friends - in theory, anything that you can do with traditional money, you can equally do with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin uses many of the ideas initially developed for peer-to-peer file sharing networks to create a decentralized system, ie: one that is not controlled and cannot be manipulated by any person, organization or government. The software it runs on is open source and can be viewed by anyone, and so in this sense, it is very much considered to be in the public domain, both in terms of the network itself, and the software running on it.

I hope that is an ok explanation for the purposes of this post - but for those who'd like to find out more, there are some links below to some good sources who can explain it much better...

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04 July, 2014
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I have just finished the development of a new extension for PUM (http://www.pum.nl - thank you!!) to be able to add a coordinator (with start and end date) to a tag. I have added the extension to the extension directory (https://civicrm.org/extensions/enhanced-tags). The extension is also availalbe on GitHub where you can find a little more documentation: https://github.com/CiviCooP/org.civicoop.enhancedtags.git

03 July, 2014

Last week I have been working for MAF Norge to connect CiviCRM to their SMS Gateway (PsWinCom) so that they can send and receive SMS from within CiviCRM. In addition PsWinCom offered a the possibility to send SMS which will charge the receiver an amount of money. This way MAF Norge used to receive SMS donations. Now they can do that from within CiviCRM.

This done by two components, one is the PsWinCom SMS Provider and the other a newly developed SMS Autoreply extension. 

SMS Autoreply extension

The SMS Autoreply extension does sends auto replies to incoming sms-es. It is triggered by a keyword...

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18 May, 2014
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I think I saw the first demo of the CiviCRM extension dataviz after the post-CiviCon London sprint. Xavier Dutoit had been working real hard on this, and Hannelore and me were very impressed! The possibilities are great, and data visualization is IMO so much better than numbers on a report! Data becomes so much more alive.

I immediately thought it would be a great topic for a webinar. Last month I spent a co-working day with Xavier and we installed dataviz on the development server of MAF Norway and they were suitably impressed too! On top of that, the data visualization will be part of the Google Summer of Code (see https://civicrm.org/blogs/kreynen/gsoc-meet-the-students).

As we want everyone to be able to see what CiviCRM dataviz can do for them, we scheduled a webinar! On 27 May 2014 at 17.00 CET (check...

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08 May, 2014
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One of the requirements in a project I am working at the moment was that the client wanted to enter when an adress becomes active. E.g. a member says he is moving by the 1st July 2015 (which is in the future). From that moment the member should be contacted by that address and till that moment the old address is the active address.

I have created an extension which achieve this. This extension is in beta and can be found on (https://github.com/CiviCooP/org.civicoop.futureaddress).

I will put this extension into the extension directory later on, when my client has finished testing this extension.

How does this extension work?

As a user you enter a future address by adding a new address on a contact and you set two things:

  1. You enter a location type which is a future one
  2. You enter a change date (the date when this address is changed)


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15 April, 2014

A final blog about our Donor Journey sprint with Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge. Or I should really say our sprint on CiviCRM Trigger Action. We set out to at least create the first basic version of the engine to automatically do stuff based on stuff in CiviCRM :-) Some kind of mechanism that would allow MAF Norge to automatically move donors into specific groups once they have contributed for the first time or set up a recurring payment for example. I feel we have made a good really start on the engine, for more technical details read the previous blogposts by Jaap Jansma (jaapjansma in Civispeak). The first test was quite successfull, and going through the list of triggers with Steinar worked pretty well. As we expected we did make one of the most unsexy things ever, which is a nightmare to configure. So even though Helen and Steinar can work with it, it is not something I would hesitate to hand out to everyone...but it is...

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