17 February, 2015
By roshani
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  • $15,000 in grant funds are available to take CiviVolunteer to the next level, but only if the community matches it.
  • Decide which proposed volunteer management features your org needs most, or propose a new one.
  • Contact Ginkgo Street Labs at roshani@ginkgostreet.com or 1-888-223-6609 to discuss your project idea and implementation cost.
  • The matching grant deadline is March 31st, so we need pledges confirmed by March 23rd.

Working as...

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13 February, 2015
By roshani
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As a follow up to the CiviVolunteer Tips & Tricks webinar, we are scheduling a Ask the Experts Q&A Chat where we can dive into your questions about how to use CiviVolunteer to manage volunteer activities.

Frank J. Gómez, Principal and Developer of Ginkgo Street Labs, will answer your questions related to CiviVolunteer, including what you can do with CiviVolunteer, how you can work around limitations of CiviVolunteer, and how CiviVolunteer integrates with other CiviCRM features. If you have questions or for more information, email inquire@ginkgostreet.com.

Date: Thurs., Feb. 26
Time: 4-5 pm EST
Cost: Free (Registration is required and space is limited, so please sign up early to reserve...

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10 February, 2015

During January and February MAF Norge and Jaap and me from CiviCooP have done the first CiviRules sprint, funded by MAF Norge. Our ambitions where:

  1. tie up some of the loose ends in the current Trigger extension that MAF Norge uses now
  2. start with the CiviRules UI
  3. have a first draft of the basic engine for CiviRules.

Jaap did the first part with the Email/SMS and PDF API (see blogpost https://civicrm.org/blogs/jaapjansma/e-mail-send-sms-send-and-pdf-create-api-extensions) and I made a start with the second. Last week Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge joined us and we can now also present you a first draft of the CiviRules Engine! Have a look at our wiki: http://redmine.civicoop.org/projects/civirules/wiki for the basic outline and let...

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16 January, 2015
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This week Jaap and me were working on the first CiviRules sprint, funded by MAF Norge. As you have problably read (and if not you should :-) in Jaap's earlier blog post he has been working on API's to send Emails, SMS and PDF letters. In the meantime I have created a first database scheme for CiviRules, hacked some basic DAO's and BAO's together and started working on the first forms. Preview of the screen included :-)

In the beginning of February Steinar and Helen from MAF will come and work with us for some days. The next CiviRules sprint is planned for March 2015 and will be funded by MAF Norge, CiviCooP and Amnesty International Flanders. We also hope that Parvez joins us during this sprint.

If you want to know more about CiviRules give me, Jaap or MAF Norge a shout!

15 January, 2015
By roshani
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At Ginkgo Street Labs, we’re on a mission to improve CiviCRM to better meet users’ growing and changing needs. We have many ways that we gather data on those needs, most recently through the CiviVolunteer Survey, in which we asked how organizations are managing their volunteer programs. To encourage participation in the survey, we raffled four $25 Amazon gift certificates. The CiviCRM community is international, so it was not surprising that our winners were from around the globe--Marilyn with Cool Davis in California, Diego with DotPro from Brazil, Lars with Wildsight in Canada and Ahmed with Hidayah Foundation in Qatar. Although their organizational missions...

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15 January, 2015
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This week we have been working for MAF Norway to automate the sending of SMS, E-mail and PDF creation. What we have done in the past for them is that we created a Trigger/Action module to automate their donor journeys. The actions in the trigger/action module are API calls. But what was missing up-to-today was to functionality to send e-mail, or to create a PDF Letter or send an SMS by invoking an API Call.

Note: the trigger/action module is a very experimental module just developed for the MAF. At the same time we are developing a CiviRules modules which will work in a similair way as the Drupal Rules module.

This week we developed three extensions to accomplish this:


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06 January, 2015
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We have just created an extension for MAF Norge that produces an XML file for the tax authorities with the deductible amount for the year for each donor. With a little configuration customization (detailed in the documentation on GitHub) it can be used by any Norwegian organization that has to produce this file every year. MAF Norge is currently testing the extension. It can be found in the extension list on this website: https://civicrm.org/extensions/yearly-tax-declaration-donors-norwegian-xml-format and on Github: https://github.com/CiviCooP/no.maf.oppgavexml

Thanks to MAF Norge for funding this development!

Extension can be used and modified as you like, we will only maintain the requirements from MAF Norge at this point in time.

22 December, 2014
By Parvez

In the UK we’re used to being able to lookup our addresses based on our postcodes and charities add this to their wish lists for their own sites. However, once they establish the costs associated with this, they often find the ROI isn’t in the black and drop the idea.

There’s some good news………

Since July of 2013 Royal Mail unveiled its improved access to Postcode Address file including “Free access to PAF for independent small charitable organisations” i.e. those that have less than £10m per annum income and who are registered charities or CICs. So small charities can now get access to the PAF file for free, which is great, what we are proposing is an extension to allow charities to import the PAF file into CiviCRM (including Updates...

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15 December, 2014

My first exposure to CiviCRM was around 2009. I was working at Freeform Solutions, Canadian IT nonprofit organization that supports other nonprofits by providing technology support. We were looking for a CRM system that would support an HR organization that had a few thousands contact records. They needed a software that would allow all staff to access the same contacts database so that all staff members can update the records, send newsletters and other mass mailings and to run reports on the collected data to know what type of clients they work with. In the future, they were planning to do online events registrations, possibly with payments.
We've done some research and several things attracted us to use CiviCRM for this project:
- CiviCRM, being an open source software, meant to us, the developers, that if we had to tweak any functionality or add some new features, we could do that without having to rely on the creators of the...

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09 December, 2014
By Nileema

As mentioned by Tony in his blog, we have recently released “Simple Donate” extension that allows you to have a pretty and responsive donation pages. I want to take this opportunity to share some implementation details for this extension.

CiviCRM and API

We made a conscious effort not to add more configurations and decided to use existing contribution page settings. So the only thing that you need to do is link your existing contribution page with our extension.


CiviCRM already has support for angular extension. It was fairly easy to learn and develop front-end based on angular framework. It also helped in implementing client-side validations for most of the user related and payment related fields. Angular was...

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