28 November, 2013
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This may be a blog post I expand upon later…

I've seen mentions around the interwebs of socialCRM tools for CiviCRM and what I want to know is… Has anyone started any kind of code or prototyping this idea? If not, I may make a start and anyone else interested in lending a hand… Let me know.

Slightly vague in terms of feature set right now, but take a read through the following links to get an idea:

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12 November, 2013
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Just another quick note from Comucorp HQ. Gift Aid extension v2.2 has just been released, fixing some minor bugs and updating the Gift Aid report to include fields such as Post Code and Address.

More details on the extension can be found here.

For those who missed the details of v2.1 - check this previous blog post with details of how to install or upgrade from previous versions. For those with v2.1, the upgrade to v2.2 should be offered from within your CiviCRM if you navigate to your list of extensions.

Any issues, hit us up on the Gift Aid issues list on the Compucorp Github here
16 October, 2013

One of the most important things about any database is the integrity of its data.  Is it possible that you could be overriding existing contact information with incorrect information?

One of the many hats I wear at BackOffice Thinking is helping the CiviCRM team reach out to the CiviCRM user community and invite them to share their stories in the CiviCRM Community Newsletter.  During one of my conversations with Radoslav Minkov (IT Manager, CEPS), a future newsletter contributor, I found out that even though he is extremely happy with the CiviMail functionality, he was getting so frustrated with the Events/Registration functionality that he disabled this module from his installation.

His issue is one that affects many of our clients.  The issue is that when an administrator registers a person for an event, if the email entered has a match in the CiviCRM database, the new information will override any existing information in the CiviCRM database.  

Since I am...

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15 October, 2013
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Pheph, if you thought that was good... wait for this one.
Post no 2: Gift Aid Module v2.1
Growing older isn't fun, but on the case of CiviCRM extensions it sure is. We're pleased to celebrate the CiviCRM Gift Aid 2.1 and "stable" release.
Yup thats right. No more cries of "what is that Git thing" and "how do I register a new report", you can now get all the Gift Aid(ing) goodness direct from the extensions tab. 
Thats not all, it still plays nicely with the super cool "I didint even have to print any paper" Gift Aid online submissions module that you can get here.
But whats that we hear you cry? You already broke several fingernails and needed 2 months of rehab after downloading and installing version 1.0 or version 2.0 from GitHub?
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15 October, 2013
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Howdy partners,

Do not attempt to adjust your aerial, it's Compucorp taking over the blog for a quick blast of posts... bare with us, you'll be returned to your normal programming shortly!

Post no 1 - CiviBooking - Development / Alpha release

We're super excited to announce the first alpha release of CiviBooking!

Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is the extension for you!

This first release is strictly "developer" only and is not production ready... but for the inquisitive amongst you why not take a trip over to the Compucorp github and download the development version:


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09 October, 2013
By johnff
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It's a beautiful day up here in Dalesbridge, with a low sun, rippling green grass, a bright blue sky, and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

It's also a particularly beautiful day because Future First is proud to announce the public packaging and release of one of its extensions: UK Phone Number Validator 1.0.

The above shows an example of how it looks with some dummy data assigned. But why is it important?

Future First's member schools need to be able to contact their registered alumni to participate in events, mentoring, and presentations to their current students. But it's impossible to successfully automate SMS messages to invalid phone numbers. The UK Phone Number Validator helps by providing a list of invalid phone numbers along with easy functions...

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07 October, 2013

With the upcoming release of 4.4 and a series of "super extensions" like CiviHR, CivVolunteer and CiviBooking -  the power and importance of extensions in the CiviCRM ecosystem is on the rise.  A group of us met at the UK sprint today to discuss some of the improvements in the technical and human infrastructure to help ensure that more folks are aware of extensions, that more extensions are shared, and that extensions can be made available in multiple languages. As usual, there's more to do than we can bite off right away - but some of the pieces that we agreed to jump on this week are listed below:


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27 September, 2013

One of our clients was wrestling with getting WordPress events to display within their event calendar, and I finally had enough.  We really just needed a simple WordPress widget that displays upcoming CiviCRM events.

[screenshot of the widget]

A couple hours later, voila: the CiviEvent Widget plugin.  It's really straightforward, but you can generate as many widgets as you like, control the title and number of events for each, and choose among two basic appearance options or theme it yourself.

Please let me know what you think, ideas for improving it, and any bugs or limitations you find.

If you're in the Mid-Atlantic and using CiviEvent and/or WordPress, you might consider coming to the...

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06 September, 2013

There is a new native extension available for allowing parents to register their children for events within CiviEvent.  Tired of using custom data fields on a child to collect information about their parents and emergency contacts?    Would you like the information collected during the event registration to create ( or update ) the various contact records needed in the back-office?  Then this is the extension for you.  It creates a contact record for each child, each parent, each emergency contact, the household contact, and also builds the appropriate relationships between each contact. 

Pogstone (http://pogstone.com - Now a founding partner of CiviCRM) is happy to be able to sponsor and develop this extension for the CiviCRM community. We had help along the way from others: Thanks to Joe Murray and WebAccess for their contributions to making this extension happen.

To download the extension,...

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03 September, 2013
By jamie
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PTP's first official contribution to the extensions repository is out: Summary Fields!

PTP folks and friends have been working hard to enhance the fundraising aspects of CiviCRM. We have big plans, and expect to release the bits and pieces as they are completed.

Summary Fields is the first to make it out. We've been testing it for a month or two now and, while it has a few quirks (particularly with large data sets), it's fairly stable.

To quote from the README file (written by Mark):
Summary Fields make it easier to search for major donors, recent donors, lapsed donors as well as to show a synopsis of a donor’s history. Summary Fields extends your CiviCRM data by creating a tab of fields that total up and summarize donation history.

Once you’ve completed set-up, a new tab will appear alongside other tabs in contact records showing the totals for...

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