12 December, 2013
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Reviewed version: 1.4

Documentation *

My score is 1 star. It is clear what this extension should do. But that is also where the documentation ends. There is no installation/configuration instruction. 

Functionality ***

My score is 3 stars. Very interesting functionality. At least for my own install of CiviCrM because I can sync my contacts in CiviCrM with my smartphone :-) If it is great functionality towards greater organizations and NGO I am not sure about that yet. 

Code QA ****

My score is 4 stars. The code is very good! The code looks like the rest of the code of CiviCrM so CiviCrM developers can maintain the code quite easy.

Ease of use *

My score is 1 star. I could not test this section because you need a Google Apps for Business or Education account...
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11 December, 2013
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I have selected this extension to review because the description looked really cool! So it made me curious.

Cividesk sync for Google Apps

More information on the extension is here : http://civicrm.org/extensions/google-apps-sync. The module has been developed by Nicolas Ganivet from Cividesk. I have reviewed version 1.0 of the extension.

Documentation **

My score is 2 stars. The documentation explains what the extension should do. There is no real installation or configuration documentation, although it does state you need a Google Apps for Business account (bummer). There is a help file with the template (good!) The info.xml file can be more informative in my opinion. The licensing is not really clear and the main extension link is to the Cividesk home site.

Functionality ***

My score is 3 stars. Personally really nice as it might help me get my contacts on my phone...

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11 December, 2013
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So here is the first one, review of an extension! I have selected this one because we recently used it in a project and expect to use if many times in the future. Each review subject can score a maximum of 5 stars (brilliant) and a minimum of 1 star (not very nice). We thought a review should be easy to read and concise, so we decided we limit ourselves to max 3-5 sentences per subject.

Recurring Offline Payment

More information on the extension is here : http://civicrm.org/extensions/offline-recurring-payment. The module has been developed by Rajesh and the code has been updated for the extensions framework by AndyW at Circle Interactive to support Drupal 7 and other CMSes. I have reviewed version 1.4 of the extension.

Documentation ***

My score is 3 stars. Good documentation in the blog post about the extension. Information about licensing is not clear, refers to CiviCRM...

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11 December, 2013
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At CiviCon London 2014 the topic of extensions came up in a couple of conversations. Should some extensions be part of core, how do we deal with really good extensions and really bad ones, should we show how many times an extension is downloaded etc. Jaap Jansma and me discussed some more with Lobo on IRC and we decided that we would start with extension reviews. We feel that the extension mechanism is really cool and helps us a lot as developers and as users. We want to stay true to our community spirit, do things together and make sure we can all contribute. And reviewing extensions seemed like a good idea to us.

CiviCooP role and yours

As CiviCooP we will review 2 extension each month. This review is ofcourse nothing more and nothing less than our opinion. And obviously it has very little merit if it just stays our opinion. It might tell you more about Jaap and me than about the actual extension :-) However, if YOU review an extension as well, we suddenly might...

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04 December, 2013
By jamie
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Have you ever completed a training a wondered whether usage of your CiviCRM database changed as a result? Have you ever wondered who were the major database users in your organization and who might need more prodding?

The Progressive Technology Project is please to announce that now, with the Database Health Report, you can find out.

The report breaks down CiviCRM usage by users who have logged in - showing how many contacts they have modified and how many activities they are involved in. You can filter by user, role, or date range. .

Although packaged as a CiviCRM native extension, it currently depends on Drupal (patches welcome!). Also - the latest release depends on CiviCRM 4.4. If you'd like to give it a try before it makes it into the extensions directory, you can download it directly.



02 December, 2013
By capo
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The Need of Data Integration Tools

Lets say you have a CiviCRM database and you want to perform a massive change. For instance, lets say you have the names uppercase and you want to fix it. You may be tempted to execute a SQL query but you shouldn't. CiviCRM has a complex database where, when you modify a value, a lot of things are happening. If you modify the last name of a contact, the display name and addressee fields will be, probably, modified too and a new record will be added to the log history to keep track of who made the change and when.

An alternative to perform massive updates over your database, is using the API. The advantage it offers is that it will take care of database consistency, logging and all this complex relations between fields. The disadvantage is that you'll need write some code. So, what are the possibilities you've with CiviCRM if you want to do this kind of updates without programming?

An Alternative for Simple Tasks

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01 December, 2013
By totten
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CiviCase is generally described as "a container for activities". As a container, it's well-suited to two scenarios:

  • The activities in the case are identified and scheduled on an adhoc basis -- there's always a person (a case manager) making the decision about when to schedule the activities.
  • The activities are performed according to a fixed timeline based on a reference date -- e.g. the first meeting is scheduled 3 days after the case opens; the next meeting is 14 days after; etc.

However, a container of activities can be useful in other scenarios -- for example, consider the case of hiring a volunteer to work in the children's art program:

  • The director of the children's art program needs to meet with the volunteer to determine whether she has the proper skills and experience in art.
  • The HR manager needs to obtain consent and details from the volunteer for running a background check...
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28 November, 2013
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This may be a blog post I expand upon later…

I've seen mentions around the interwebs of socialCRM tools for CiviCRM and what I want to know is… Has anyone started any kind of code or prototyping this idea? If not, I may make a start and anyone else interested in lending a hand… Let me know.

Slightly vague in terms of feature set right now, but take a read through the following links to get an idea:

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12 November, 2013
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Just another quick note from Comucorp HQ. Gift Aid extension v2.2 has just been released, fixing some minor bugs and updating the Gift Aid report to include fields such as Post Code and Address.

More details on the extension can be found here.

For those who missed the details of v2.1 - check this previous blog post with details of how to install or upgrade from previous versions. For those with v2.1, the upgrade to v2.2 should be offered from within your CiviCRM if you navigate to your list of extensions.

Any issues, hit us up on the Gift Aid issues list on the Compucorp Github here
16 October, 2013

One of the most important things about any database is the integrity of its data.  Is it possible that you could be overriding existing contact information with incorrect information?

One of the many hats I wear at BackOffice Thinking is helping the CiviCRM team reach out to the CiviCRM user community and invite them to share their stories in the CiviCRM Community Newsletter.  During one of my conversations with Radoslav Minkov (IT Manager, CEPS), a future newsletter contributor, I found out that even though he is extremely happy with the CiviMail functionality, he was getting so frustrated with the Events/Registration functionality that he disabled this module from his installation.

His issue is one that affects many of our clients.  The issue is that when an administrator registers a person for an event, if the email entered has a match in the CiviCRM database, the new information will override any existing information in the CiviCRM database.  

Since I am...

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