24 July, 2012
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I blogged a while ago about "Putting the R back in CRM" about the limits on relationships in the self-service areas.   Well I am happy to have an update.  I  (Pogstone Inc) have sponsored the creation of a new extension ( along with JMA Consulting).  This extension is taking advantage of the CiviCRM extension framework for modules, so it should work under Drupal, Joomla or Word Press.

The extension is designed to enhance event registration for the scenario where a parent is registering their child or children for an event, such as a school program, camp program, or any other youth program. It will allow the collection of data about one or both parents, the children, and several emergancy contacts.  To register multiple children, the standard checkbox "register multiple participants" would be used.  Upon submission, the module...

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04 June, 2012
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So maybe filling out forms isn't anybody's idea of a good time, but at least building them can be fun, thanks to the shiny new version 3 of Webform CiviCRM Integration!

Quick Recap:

If yours isn't among the 700+ sites using Webform Integration, this Drupal module is a smart form-builder and processor that answers the following question: "CiviCRM has built-in forms for stuff like event registration and contributions, but what about collecting CRM data on my ________ form?" Fill in the blank with just about anything - survey, petition, enrollment, application, support, opt-in, you name it. You can use it to collect and update information about contacts, relationships, cases, activities, event participants, group subscriptions, tags, and custom data.

So What's New?

Version 3 has major improvements for working with existing contacts and option lists, a new look, UI improvements, and other enhancements....

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12 May, 2012
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Hey All, Thanks for your patience and putting up with the delays in the release of CiviSync Outlook. CiviSync Outlook is the much awaited Outlook integration plugin for CiviCRM. It allows information sync between CiviCRM and Microsoft Outlook. CiviSync Outlook uses CiviCRM API. Due to some restrictions with API; at one stage we decided to use our own version of the API but it's not something we would like to run with in long term and hence dropped it fairly quickly.

CiviSync now uses the native API. A detailed user manual in creation but in the meantime Target Integration's wiki page will give you some information on how to install and use it on your installation of Outlook.

Don't forget you need four things to login to a CiviCRM instance using REST API:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. SiteKey
  4. API Key for the user who is trying to login. You don't need the...
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12 May, 2012

I am starting a project that will allow CiviCRM to support the needs of an Australian non-profit. This non-profit is subject to the Australian Goods & Services Tax rules (GST) for some but not all transactions.

The GST requirements apply whenever the non-profit provides a tangible good or service in exchange for a payment. This is most common with their dinners, selling DVDs, and items from their gift shop. 

 I have written up the requirements and possible approaches on the CiviCRM wiki at:



I would love to get feedback from anyone who would like to participate or later use the new module. 


- Sarah

27 March, 2012
By totten
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Many CiviCRM customizations have been packaged and distributed as Drupal modules. This can be desirable when a customization delves into both the CMS and CRM functionality, but -- when a customization focuses only on CiviCRM -- Drupal modules are a drag: they need to be patched for CMS upgrades (D6/D7) as well as CRM upgrades (Civi 2.x/Civi 3.x), and they don't work with CiviCRM's other CMS's (Joomla and WordPress).

Fortunately, dlobo has been making progress on support for native modules (built around the "CiviCRM Extension" system) in 4.1 and 4.2. An example module is here:

Of course, this still poses a challenge: a native module needs to use native tools for packaging code, adding new web pages, developing templates, etc. -- and all those tools come with a learning curve. To improve the learning curve, I've taken a...

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21 February, 2012
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If you've recently upgraded to CiviCRM 4.1, you'll need to upgrade your webform_civicrm as well. Versions 2.3 and below are not fully compatible with Civi 4.1. Version 2.4 is, and will be released in the next couple of days, especially if I get a few comments on this post from people who have sucessfully tested it! The latest -dev is stable and working, so please feel free to download it and try it out on your 4.1 site!

Note: webform_civicrm 2.4 is not backwards-compatible with older versions of CiviCRM, and should only be used with 4.1.x

New Features In webform_civicrm 2.4

  • Adds contact image and language pref fields
  • More options for matching/updating existing activities
  • Support for new multi-valued contact sub-type
  • Improved group and tag fields
  • Can include the entire webform submission in the activity details, as well as an edit link
  • Can generate a contact checksum for...
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16 January, 2012
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For anyone who is using pricesets and/or automated recurring contributions with a payment processor, you will probably enjoy the 3 custom searches that you can download here


Custom search "Recurring Billing":  This was designed to help the administrative/financial staff review and reconcile all their automated recurring contributions in one place. It works no matter which payment processor(s) you are using. However, the layout of the columns is designed to match the layout of the ARB report within the Authorize.net system.   The expected workflow is that the staff would run the ARB report at authorize.net, then run this new custom search in CiviCRM and verify that the total number of subscriptions matches accross each system.    If the total number does not reconcile, then this new custom search can be used to help identify the disconnect.



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23 December, 2011

This time of year I would normally be entring data from hundreds of sheets of paper, struggling to read people's sloppy handwriting and feeling like I was a slave to our database. But instead, I'm viewing reports on phone calls, pledges and donations, generating reminders and thank-yous -- with no data entry required!

The old way

For years our school has had the tradition of holding a "phonathon" to raise funds. We'd gather about 30 volunteers for a festive night of making calls, eating cookies, and coming together to support the important work we all do for peace, justice and sustainability education. This is how we used to do it:

  • The name, phone number, address and giving history for each donor were printed on call sheets - 1 per page. This was done by exporting a spreadsheet of contacts, then mail-merging it into a Word document.
  • Each volunteer would take a stack of these...
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19 December, 2011
By rajesh
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I think there were few discussion in the forum about adding 'Custom Data Group' with multiple records in a profile. We wanted the same for one of our clients, who wanted an Application Form in which they wanted to collect Qualifications and Experience, which obviously is multi-record custom data against contact. As they needed it in a very short period of time, we managed to do a work around to accomplish this. As usual, the wonderful CiviCRM API version 3 and hooks come to the rescue.


So the aim was to expose the fields under the multi-record custom group in the contribution page(using buildForm hook) and allow the users to enter multiple rows and save it against the contact(using API).


We created a drupal module which does the following

  • Allows admin to set the custom data group, for which the fields can be exposed to the contribution page. View Screenshot...
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15 December, 2011
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I've just released a new version of the CiviCRM Webform Integration module for Drupal 6 and 7.

This module provides a flexible and powerful way to create forms linked to the CiviCRM database. Version 2 of the module is built for CiviCRM 3.4/4.0, and can create and update contacts, group subscriptions, tags, relationships, cases, activities, event participants, and custom data.

New in 2.3:

  • Contact Clone Feature - a real timesaver for multi-contact forms
  • Now works with event registration limits
  • Improves Group Subscriptions
  • Deduping works with shared addresses
  • Better and more consistent performance with Country/StateProvince chainselect
  • Other minor bug fixes

Future Plans

If you're interested in the future of this module, check out ...

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