07 October, 2013
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As the first full day of the Dalesbridge sprint ends, I have no regrets about taking leave from work and flying halfway round the world to participate in my first CiviCRM sprint.

My journey with CiviCRM started three years ago.  I work for a smallish not-for-profit and we needed a new online registration system for our annual seminar series.  At the same time we were wanting to shift to live online processing for memberships and donations and we were becoming thoroughly dis-enchanted with the proprietary CRM we were using.  A trawl through the Internet led me to CiviCRM.  It seemed to have most of the features we needed and the support available on the forums was impressive.

Three years on I am more impressed than ever and I want to be able to contribute back to the Civi community, so I find myself in the Yorkshire Dales sharing a house with twenty people I have not met before.

As a user/administrator I am participating in the documentation sprint. Today I...

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30 August, 2013

This coming Friday, September 6, is the first and most {event.event_type} CiviCRM conference on the East Coast, CiviCamp. Held in {address.location_type} downtown Washington, DC, CiviCamp is a one-day conference along with a two-day training, code and documentation sprint, and showcase reception: a chance to learn and meet other CiviCRM users, {contact.contact_sub_type}, and developers.

Register online by midnight PDT tonight, August 30, and you can save $15 off the {contribution.financial_type} for the conference. We will also accept last-minute registrations by cash, credit card, or {contribution.payment_instrument} at the door.

While you're at it,...

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01 August, 2013
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The CiviCamp session planning met today, and they have put together a fabulous schedule for the conference on September 6. If you weren't already planning to come to DC for CiviCamp, you should check out the variety of interesting talks scheduled.

I believe it's only fair to see what you're getting before registering for a conference, and since the selected sessions have been announced today, the early-bird rate has been extended through tomorrow, August 2. Register today to lock in the discounted rate!

Are you interested in seeing what others have done with CiviCRM for their organizations? Join us on the evening before CiviCamp for the CiviCRM Showcase, sponsored by BackOffice Thinking. It will be a free, casual event featuring 10-minute talks from users...

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26 February, 2013
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If you follow the CiviCRM blog, you've probably seen a few articles about how much fun the sprints are and what a great time everyone has. Maybe you've thought to yourself, "That's not for me. I'm not a PHP programmer or a database fanatic." Well, I'm here to say that you, yes you can come to the sprint - if you don't write code you can help write the user guide. The only prerequisites are enthusiasm about CiviCRM and a willingness to help out (and a laptop). The food is great, the people are fantastic, and you will have fun, I promise.

This spring we're having a big sprint after CiviCON San Francisco. We'll be staying at the beautiful Woolman campus in the Sierra Nevada foothills April 28th - May 5th. We'll spend our time helping to make CiviCRM the best it can be, eating delicious food, and exploring the Yuba river and...

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22 February, 2013
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'Is it that time of the release cycle already?', I hear ye sayeth! Well yes my medieval friends, it is! Version 4.3 has some lovely new features and I'm sure you will want to be upgrading soon.

If you have lived through a couple of versions of CiviCRM, then you will likely know the value of release testing - especially if you never got round to doing any! But rather go into the gruesome consequences of not testing, I thought I would let you know that there is another way!

Paul Delbar has been doing some amazing work on community release testing (inc. this...

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14 October, 2012
By kurund
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A quick recap of recent CiviSprints in Europe.

26 September, 2012
By micah
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Greetings from Apeldoorn at the Netherlands CiviCRM Code Sprint. I've spent the last several months meticulously working with the fundraising team at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to build donate pages that look and act beautifully, remove friction from the donation process, and leverage premiums to get bigger donations.

At the England and Netherlands code sprints after CiviCon London I spent most of my time building a lot of the functionality that I've made for EFF into CiviCRM Core and updating the default contribution page templates. These new contribution pages will be part of the 4.3 release.


I'll start with screenshots from a contribution page in 4.2. Here is the header and some price sets, where you get to choose your amount, choose if you want to make a one-time contribution or a recurring one, and enter your email address:


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24 September, 2012
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Today was the first day of the Apeldoorn part of the post-CiviCon sprints. A bit of a chaotic day with people coming in, shopping and lots of logistics. A nice cold too on top of that, although a real community one! Alice and Xavier are suffering from the same cold.....Xavier at home in bed, and Alice and I shared a sniffing office today :-) I did get a first draft on my requirements for CiviMobile Activities and Cases, blog post to follow. I am planning to discuss that with Kurund and later Peter McAndrew tomorrow. And I hope to get a wiki page on how the latest API should behave done with Eileen (the Queen of API) on Wednesday. More to follow!

24 September, 2012
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We're just wrapping up the first of two post-CiviCon code sprints, where 24 people came together at Butcombe Farms near Bristol. People worked on an amazing variety of things to make 4.2 more stable, and to contribute some awesome features to 4.3. Some of the things we did were:

  • Leez, Coleman and Simon all worked on the cool new notification system.
  • Eileen and Yashodha contributed a fix for contribution api & import in 4.2 and added a new API for price sets and line-items.
  • Micah has gotten jQuery validate up and running on 4.3 and integrated it with our notifications. He also worked on ui enhancements to contribution pages and other public forms.
  • Rajesh contributed the much-requested Wordpress permissioning system, and made some...
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23 September, 2012

As part of the Bristol Civi Sprint a proposed new layout has been suggested for the existing Find and Merge Duplicates page. The page is used to add / edit Duplicate Matching Rules for the individual, organisation and household contact types. This wouldn't involve changes to the way the Merge Rules work but the changes will make the page easier to use and understand.


This would include changing the use of the confusing terms 'Strict' and 'Fuzzy' to 'Front End' and 'Back End' respectively.  On-screen help text will explain what the terms mean and how to use the page features. The names of the Rules would also be altered so they reflect the fields used to identify a matching contact.


A mockup of the proposed changes can be found here;