18 December, 2015
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Want to help CiviCRM integrate with Drupal8 (or Backdrop or WordPress)? Want a winter getaway and a chance to go skiing? Hey, you can have both!

Come join us for the CMS-Integration Sprint in Vail, CO Jan 30 to Feb 4 2016.

Big thanks for Nicolas Ganivet at CiviDesk for sponsoring this event and generously donating the venue!

We'll be working on:

  • Integrating CiviCRM with Drupal 8
  • Porting our Drupal integration to also support Backdrop CMS
  • Improving WordPress integration and our presence in the official WP plugin repo.
  • Writing documentation (a great task for non-coders).

Sign up here.

Can't attend in person? We'll also be organizing a virtual sprint to allow you to participate remotely (...

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23 October, 2015
I'm excited to provide a final report from the CiviCRM User Summit, which was held in Washington, DC, September 24-25.
The Summit expanded to two days this year, allowing us to increase the number of sessions offered and add an unconference track.  Attendees proposed and voted on unconference sessions at the beginning of the User Summit, and we had a wonderful variety of topics.
The vast majority of attendees rated their experience at the conference "great" or "outstanding", and all but one survey respondent would recommend the User Summit to their colleagues for next year.
In particular, User Summit attendees valued the PURLs session presented by Peter Petrik, the keynote by Amy Sample Ward, and the...
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30 September, 2015
By BjoernE

If you (and your colleagues/users) are an English native speaker, DON'T READ THIS. You don't have to bother. Lucky you.

The CiviCRM localisation has come a long way, and by now it's pretty comprehensive and surprisingly versatile. Sometimes the quality of the translated strings is a little questionable, ranging from "strange" to "funny", and sometimes far into the absurd. But that's mostly due to inexperienced translators, and nothing that a little bit of quality control by the Transifex coordinators can't fix.

There is, however, one problem that's been particularly elusive. What to do if the same English word has two or more different translations in your language, depending on the context? I'll give you an example in my native language, German:

  1. "Write an email to Mark" would translate as "Schreibe eine E-Mail an Mark".
  2. "CodeSprint will be from the 10th to the 16th" would translate as "...
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19 August, 2015
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There will be a CiviCRM sprint in the beautiful Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015, and you can register here.
The sprint starts the day after the amazing CiviCon London 2015

The idea is to have as many community members present so we can achieve lots and have a great time!
Accomodation will be provided and Craig, our resident chef, will be cooking some amazing food.

There are no hard and fast requirements for attending a sprint, apart from a desire to work on improving CiviCRM in some way and the time to do it. The idea is that we can work on improving CiviCRM and increase your skills and knowledge at the same time. Having skills in specific areas like coding, documentation, writing tests, etc. is great but not a requirement. 

Once you are registered we'll get in touch before the sprint to ask about the topics you'd like to cover...

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09 July, 2015
By totten
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  • July: Open development. Major initiatives may still be accepted for 4.7 if significant implementation work has been done.
  • August: Feature freeze.  Existing 4.7 initiatives should be mostly done, but there may still be some work on development/maturation/gaps/loose-ends. Bug fixes encouraged. New (minor) enhancements may be accepted, but this will grow stricter as the month progresses.
  • September: Stabilization. 2 or 3 alphas. Mostly bug fixes. Split off 4.7 from master.


CiviCRM is community open-source, heavily influenced by the participation of partners and users. Twice each year, we gather for week long sprints to plan and develop. The April sprint in Colorado produced a number of great initiatives, and a major factor was the alignment with the release: 4.6.0 was out; the roadmap for 4.7 was as clear as...

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29 April, 2015
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We have just completed the fourth day of the sprint.  Progress reports are in from all of the teams and much progress has been made. 

Reports from the teams tell us that we have been quite busy.   I am quite excited about the progress the Monitoring team has made and cannot wait to get my hands on this to play with.   Documentation has made great strides, improvements to the payment processor architecture is in the works as well.   I have had the opportunity to speak with the translation team and the work they are doing is invalubale to the project. 

I also have to mention that the extension review team has done a tremendous job working down the extension queue and we should all look forward to using some new extensions.  As part of the install team, I know we have been busy at work getting a more uniform install process across Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. 


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26 April, 2015
By Tyrell
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So this is the end of the second day of my second CiviCRM code sprint. I've had a very full and exciting time so far. It has been full of laughter, intense discussion and a lot of hard work. I must say the views here are incredible, this is simply a beautiful place to host a sprint.  This sprint is very much focused on new features which is much more fun than last year which was mostly about squashing bugs and testing code. There are alot of new features coming to an already solid product.
We have been divided into teams and my team is focused on improving the user interface widgets in CiviCRM. I  have been working on making the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editors abstract and more streamlined. Once I'm finished users will be able to add their choice of wysiwyg editor via an CiviCRM extension. My work also consists of getting wysiwyg editor code out of quickform and smarty templates. This is not a big deal to the normal user but any...
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25 April, 2015
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We are half way through Sprint Day 1 and everyone seems to be busy at work! This is my first Sprint and so far I am very impressed. The focus at this Sprint is on 4.6 documentation, payment processors, translations, extensions reviews, and improving installation process. I am excited to have installed a sandbox version of 4.6, created 3 pull requests (my first ever!!) and completed documentation on repeating activities in 4.6. It does not feel like much but now that I list it here, I am impressed with my progress! For those unsure about attending future sprints, don't be intimidated!!! it has been a great learning experience!! 


We are at the beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch outside Granby, CO and while the sky just clouded over and it looks like rain, it has been beautiful weather so far. It's like being at nerd camp- sign up to help with meals, share bathroom with 5 others, sleep in a bunk bed, and follow the daily schedule! I am looking forward to learning more so...

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31 March, 2015
By johnff

I just hung up the phone with the President of a US-based CiviCRM consultancy. He's interested in collaborating with Future First on our SMS based survey system. We discussed a lot of different options, but all of them had one thing in common: we had to release the resulting software publicly. That, to us, is what CiviCRM is. It is collaborating and sharing, to produce, deliver, and share the technology we all need.

Future First engages the former students of state-funded schools and colleges to help those institutions. Private schools and Universities have been doing this for decades - they know it is a very effective way of raising students' aspirations - and Future First want to do the same to level the playing field between privately funded schools and state-funded schools. We bring people from all walks of life, including doctors, policemen, athletes, journalists, firemen, businessmen, engineers...

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10 February, 2015

During January and February MAF Norge and Jaap and me from CiviCooP have done the first CiviRules sprint, funded by MAF Norge. Our ambitions where:

  1. tie up some of the loose ends in the current Trigger extension that MAF Norge uses now
  2. start with the CiviRules UI
  3. have a first draft of the basic engine for CiviRules.

Jaap did the first part with the Email/SMS and PDF API (see blogpost https://civicrm.org/blogs/jaapjansma/e-mail-send-sms-send-and-pdf-create-api-extensions) and I made a start with the second. Last week Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge joined us and we can now also present you a first draft of the CiviRules Engine! Have a look at our wiki: http://redmine.civicoop.org/projects/civirules/wiki for the basic outline and let...

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