16 October, 2016
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CiviCon London wrapped up last week, with over 150 attendees attending more than 30 information-packed sessions. It was great to have such engaging presentations, representatives from the core team talking about the direction of the project, and so many long-term contributors around. But for me, this is the most valuable thing about attending CiviCon...

You get the chance to meet, and put faces to, the names that flicker across the chatrooms, issue queues and StackExchange. You realise that you’re not part of a virtual network of people - you’re part of a real community of users, implementers and developers. A community that is full of passionate people who don’t just want to help create a great CRM, but want to make a positive impact on the world by using it.

Organisations big and small were represented at the conference, and attendees ranged across...

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13 October, 2016
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This year, around 25 dedicated and fascinating people have gathered together in Edale, Peak District, to make improvements, discuss progress, and learn more about the CiviCRM project. Some have already left us and some will be here right up to the end of the weekend, but we have all contributed to the project in a helpful and constructive way.

We are staying in a lovely cottage in the Peak District, at the foot of the Pennine Way and half way between Sheffield and Manchester. We chose early on to split up into two groups: the Developers (‘Devs’) and the ‘Non-Devs’, each with different targets, supplemented with opportunities to come together and grapple with various issues, usually over food.

The Devs have been focussed on reviewing Pull Requests (PRs) and writing tests, which has evolved into various side projects, including writing procedures to reconcile table indexes, fixing new bugs found when testing PRs, improving reports, making Buildkit work with Bitnami...

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28 September, 2016

One of the top goals for the CiviCRM roadmap is to improve the theming to look good on more websites and devices. That's a big task and it won't happen overnight, but I want to stop and appreciate the progress we've already made plus other improvements in the works:


As of CiviCRM 4.7.11 the dashboard has a face lift. It loads faster, looks better, and refreshes itself automatically so you always have the latest information. And 4.7.13 will include a responsive layout that works great even on tiny screens.


Thanks to Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies, we've released a ...

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11 August, 2016
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If you've been using CiviCRM for a while, you most likely already know that it is developed by a diverse bunch of people from around the world. Sprints are the time and place when these folks get together to get things done.

It doesn't matter if you are fairly new to CiviCRM or have been around for a while. If you're keen to get more closely involved with the community or have a pet project that you'd like to move forward, then you should come to the sprint in Edale, in the heart of the Peak District.  It's a great way to carve out time to improve CiviCRM in the company of others who share your passion.

The sprint is a four day residential event that starts the Monday 10th October (the Monday after CiviCon London, which you should sign up to if you haven't already!) and is made for people that are thinking "hmmm, I don't think two days of CiviCRM conferencing is going to be enough for me!". The majority of our time is spent working together in small teams on...

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06 June, 2016
By Eileen
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Inspired by a colleague I suggested we report today's sprint events in Haiku. Here are the burnt offerings from Colarado!

Bugs & QA team

Many Civi Bugs

Ate the sprinters pesticide

And died horribly


Reports Team

Report craziness

no wonder no one did this

more go juice needed


UI team

html div 


color: inherit



snowplow chump canberra...

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06 June, 2016
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In line with tradition (confirmed by exhaustive research and returning code sprint attendees) I have been tasked with the typical initiation duty of writing a blog post about my first CiviCRM code sprint, specifically the first day. This year's Code Sprint took place early June in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With a kitchen stocked full of snacks and coffee and an entire floor of a very 2016 dorm at our disposal on the seemingly abandoned Colorado State University Campus, the CiviSprint 2016 team (a very welcoming, generous, and jolly group with representatives from around the globe) settled in and made themselves at home.

Led by the core team and the one and only Eileen, we met and decided on a list of topics to tackle over the course of the next few days:

  1. Documentation/Marketing (non-coders…who it is worth noting feel this should be separated into two distinct categories)
  2. Reports
  3. Extensions
  4. Themeing
  5. I18N (...
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27 April, 2016
By josh

CiviCon is back in ColoradoCiviCRM sprints are a tremendous opportunity to get involved with the community while supporting the project. But, they can be a bit off-putting for non-developers because there is often a perception that they’re geared towards writing code. There are always opportunities for non-developers to get involved with CiviCRM, and this year’s post-CiviCon Colorado sprint is no different. In fact, we hope to pull together a team of people focused on marketing CiviCRM to current and new potential users. If you’re on the fence about attending the sprint, read on!

We listed one of our 2016 operational objectives as forming “project teams” around the primary areas of the overall project, including development of the software (...

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24 March, 2016
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We are really excited about CiviCon happening on June 2nd and 3rd 2016 at the Colorado State University. It is a great opportunity to attend a world-class conference where you will meet and learn from the people in the CiviCRM community and other CiviCRM users.

Attending CiviCon is an excellent way to learn more about - and contribute to - CiviCRM, and meet our growing community. It is an equally enriching experience whether you are simply evaluating CiviCRM, a new user, and implementor, a consultant or developer. Come join us to learn, enrich your knowledge and stay informed about the latest and greatest.

And this year, we're going to pamper...

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22 February, 2016
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Most people going to Vail, CO go to ski. However, some come to work on making CiviCRM even better. High up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains ten people got together to squash bugs, work on CiviCRM for Drupal 8, enhance CiviCRM for WordPress, improve the payment processing tools, and update the end-user documentation. 

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the sprint.  Personally I had a lot of fun being with others who are passionate about making CiviCRM better.  The primary activities for everyone were working on CiviCRM projects but we also enjoyed great conversations and cooking for each other.  Some of the sprinters went skiing on the last day of the sprint.  

Sam Gazal, Virginie Ganivet and I (Steve Kessler) made progress working on documentation.  We worked on updating the CiviCRM book for CiviCRM 4.7. We also are working on making the book more consistent. There is still more to be done and if you are interested you can help by looking...

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15 January, 2016
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Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Angela Bruns and I will be Conference Coordinator for the North American CiviCon 2016 in Fort Collins, CO.  My background is in event planning and volunteer management within Colorado nonprofit organizations and I am excited to be a part of this conference. 

The conference will be held on the Colorado State University campus and is scheduled for May 31 – June 8, 2016.  Trainings will happen May 31 & June 1, the Conference will take place June 2 & 3, and the Sprint will follow on June 4 – 8. Please see the save the date blogpost for some additional information on the event.

We want to make this conference the best it can be this year and are looking for some great volunteers to serve on our conference committees.  If you would like to be a part of planning the 2016 CiviCon, please email me at...

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