29 September, 2014
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Surrounded by a spectacular environment, Edale is definetely a great choice for this year's Sprint.
Yesterday (Sunday) we spend some time with setup, mastering our English-Pool skills and welcoming to the 20+ sprinters that arrived during the day. Before Craig's great dinner we had a brief meeting about logistics in general and how we were going to organize ourselves to have a productive sprint.
Today's morning meeting was the perfect ocassion for meeting everyone and for sharing our aims for this Sprint. Some of these issues were:
- CiviHR improvements
- Documentation
- Marketing
- Work on the SEPA module 
- A/B Mailing testing
- Extensions
- 4.5.1 & 4.6 issues
After that and while the guys where trying to fix some connectivity issues (which they did) we had a very productive Marketing Meeting with...
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17 September, 2014

I just returned from my first CiviCRM sprint. It was called the DC Sprint, but as Jeremy has already posted, we were actually in Maryland.

As a first time attendee of a CiviCRM conference and sprint, I really did not know what to expect. I was very pleased that both WordPress and Joomla! received some real attention at the sprint and I hope we are heading to a place where CiviCRM can be truly CMS agnostic.

WordPress CiviCRM installs can now benefit from WP-CLI tools. WP-CLI is a Drush equivilant for WordPress. We were able to merge Andy Walker's port into 4.5 and Tim Otten added full API Explorer support for this. At the developer training day in DC on Saturday, we noticed an issue with civix and WordPress. This also fixed and now civix works with all CMSs without having to be directly tied to one as in the past. These two enhancements will help WordPress developers immensely.

Dana Skallman and I also worked through the unresolved tickets for WordPress. A great...

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16 September, 2014

We're approaching the middle of the third day of the 2014 East Coast code sprint, situated in a bucolic farmhouse just outside of Frederick, Maryland. The location has made this sprint a little different, with some people being able to commute back and forth. In total, 14 or so sprinters have been working on webtests, improvements to CiviVolunteer, and improvements to buildkit for all platforms, which some renewed focus on Joomla and Wordpress. It's looking promising that buildkit will be fully supporting all the CMS platforms by the end of the sprint, making it even easier to contribute.

As this was my first sprint, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. In between some intense, heads-down work, we've found time for decompression as well. We've worked in great meals on the various porches at the farmhouse, great conversation around the firepit, and a spirited round of "The Greatest Game Ever." Monday also included a spirited discussion on forms strategy for Civi 5.0...

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18 July, 2014
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Join us during our Documentation Dash (remote sprint) on Sunday 27th July and Monday 28th July to help get the new edition of the User and Administrator Guide ready for release at the same time as the stable version of 4.5.

4.5 beta 2 has just been released, so the arrival of a stable version of 4.5 is not far off.  When that happens we want to publish a new edition of the User and Administrator Guide that includes all the new features, a totally revamped Membership section and other updates.

Eight people worked on documentation during the Tahoe sprint in April/May 2014, and we made great progress.  However, some of the new features, notably the new CiviCase UI, didn’t exist at that time and there were other issues we didn’t quite finish, so there is still work to do.

We have set up a board showing the issues for this sprint. You will see that there is something for everyone. If you can join us, please 'sign up' by commenting on this blog post....

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06 May, 2014
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This year's post CiviCon sprint was organized in Tahoe, where CiviCRM enthusiasts from our ever-growing community came forward to tackle the daunting task of fixing issues from 4.5 queue. The goal was to make significant progress towards alpha release. We subdivided the groups each one working with core team members Dave, Kurund, Tim, Coleman, Yashodha and our documentation guru Michael to get 4.5 into a decent shape for an alpha release and document the features as we go along.

The documentation team closed 31 issues over the 7 days we were here. As well as covering all new functionality for the upcoming 4.5 release (bar a few parts that are yet to be developed) we embarked on major restructuring and rewrite of the membership section, which we think makes it a lot more user friendly: it is now much easier to find the information you need, and we've reduced a lot of the repetition and redundant material. The restructuring was an experiment, based on some things we...

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02 May, 2014
By mepps
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For a first timer, it sounds daunting to go the CiviCRM code sprint. While I had worked with CiviCRM for a while and fixed many client issues with AGH Strategies, I was wondering how I would contribute to the CiviCRM community during the sprint. Like many other contributors I brought my own ideas and vision for how this week would go.

It was helpful that we were organized initially into teams. I was placed on Tim Otten's team. We started the week with high ambition, and we had our work cut out for us. I had never before realized how much goes in to making CiviCRM work well for users. For example, I started with what I thought would be a simple bug that prevented users from seeing images for contacts. As I soon learned, it is not simple when we want to balance protecting privacy, keeping CiviCRM running quickly, and not burdening users with difficult upgrades. Keeping all this in mind, I fixed the issue with Tim's help. We had to make sure it worked with Drupal, Wordpress,...

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01 May, 2014
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Today will be my last day out west before heading back to rainy New York City, a near two week trip in which I've been immersed in CiviCRM. Needless to say, I've learned a lot and am excited for the new features to be had in the upcoming 4.5 release.

The documentation team has had a very productive week, especially considering we've taken on rearranging much of the book content. At the time I'm posting this we've closed a total of 20 documentation issues, including all new 4.5 features that we are able to document. Today we added more reorganized and in-depth Membership documentation. We also added a section on maintaining quality email lists, which explores how CiviMail handles unsubscribes, bounces and holds. 

While we've been working hard, we have taken the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Truckee, CA. Today's expedition was a trip down to Donner Lake. The weather was perfect for a hike and the we couldn't resist the...

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01 May, 2014
Team Coleman, which includes Sarah Gladstone (Pogstone), Coleman Watts (core CiviCRM team), Eileen McNaughton (Fuzion), Michael Daryabeygi (Ginko Labs), Dana Stallman (Tadpole Collective) has been working hard fixing bugs and finishing new features for the upcoming version 4.5.   Some highlights:   this version includes a new UI framework using a new version of JQuery.  Virtually every screen and task benefits from this UI framework. A few screenprints have been attached below.  Also the process for configuring profiles forms and custom data for a specific contribution page or specific event is now a lot easier. When configuring the event or contribution page, all editing to profiles/custom data can be done WITHOUT leaving the screen, plus there is a great drag/drop and preview features baked in. 
The issue in WordPress that causes CiviCRM front-end pages to take over the website has been fixed.  
We have also updated the...
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30 April, 2014
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We are four days into the sprint now and things are going great! I think everyone was ready to get right to it this morning since the crew got to sneak away yesterday for an afternoon out at Lake Tahoe. The breath taking view from Eagle Rock was a great way to regroup and get ready for the remainder of the week.

For the last few days Team McAndrew, led by none other than… you guessed it, Michael McAndrew has been focusing on revamping the documentation in preparation of the 4.5 release. A snapshot of new documentation includes:

  • New “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” soft credit functionality
  • CMS specific documentation including Worpdress Shortcodes and Joomla! Menu item types
  • Reworked explanation of scheduled reminders
  • Using tokens with custom fields
  •  And much more about new features in 4.5...
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30 April, 2014
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As Andrew wrote earlier this week, the post-CiviCon code sprint in Tahoe, CA, has divided up into smaller teams in an effort to bring version 4.5 to feature-freeze. I've been working in Kurund's group, and I've been nominated to report on our progress thus far. As we head into Day 4 of the sprint, we've closed 15 of the 26 issues assigned to our group and tackled a few issues in other groups' queues.

Tyrell Cook has been on general bug-squashing duty. He fixed a bug wherein activity search results would not display view and edit links for activities which had had their activity types renamed and fixed an issue with profiles wherein saved "County" values would not be pre-populated on edit screens. Additionally, he tackled a complex issue with...

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