01 May, 2014
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Today will be my last day out west before heading back to rainy New York City, a near two week trip in which I've been immersed in CiviCRM. Needless to say, I've learned a lot and am excited for the new features to be had in the upcoming 4.5 release.

The documentation team has had a very productive week, especially considering we've taken on rearranging much of the book content. At the time I'm posting this we've closed a total of 20 documentation issues, including all new 4.5 features that we are able to document. Today we added more reorganized and in-depth Membership documentation. We also added a section on maintaining quality email lists, which explores how CiviMail handles unsubscribes, bounces and holds. 

While we've been working hard, we have taken the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Truckee, CA. Today's expedition was a trip down to Donner Lake. The weather was perfect for a hike and the we couldn't resist the...

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01 May, 2014
Team Coleman, which includes Sarah Gladstone (Pogstone), Coleman Watts (core CiviCRM team), Eileen McNaughton (Fuzion), Michael Daryabeygi (Ginko Labs), Dana Stallman (Tadpole Collective) has been working hard fixing bugs and finishing new features for the upcoming version 4.5.   Some highlights:   this version includes a new UI framework using a new version of JQuery.  Virtually every screen and task benefits from this UI framework. A few screenprints have been attached below.  Also the process for configuring profiles forms and custom data for a specific contribution page or specific event is now a lot easier. When configuring the event or contribution page, all editing to profiles/custom data can be done WITHOUT leaving the screen, plus there is a great drag/drop and preview features baked in. 
The issue in WordPress that causes CiviCRM front-end pages to take over the website has been fixed.  
We have also updated the...
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30 April, 2014
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We are four days into the sprint now and things are going great! I think everyone was ready to get right to it this morning since the crew got to sneak away yesterday for an afternoon out at Lake Tahoe. The breath taking view from Eagle Rock was a great way to regroup and get ready for the remainder of the week.

For the last few days Team McAndrew, led by none other than… you guessed it, Michael McAndrew has been focusing on revamping the documentation in preparation of the 4.5 release. A snapshot of new documentation includes:

  • New “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” soft credit functionality
  • CMS specific documentation including Worpdress Shortcodes and Joomla! Menu item types
  • Reworked explanation of scheduled reminders
  • Using tokens with custom fields
  •  And much more about new features in 4.5...
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30 April, 2014
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As Andrew wrote earlier this week, the post-CiviCon code sprint in Tahoe, CA, has divided up into smaller teams in an effort to bring version 4.5 to feature-freeze. I've been working in Kurund's group, and I've been nominated to report on our progress thus far. As we head into Day 4 of the sprint, we've closed 15 of the 26 issues assigned to our group and tackled a few issues in other groups' queues.

Tyrell Cook has been on general bug-squashing duty. He fixed a bug wherein activity search results would not display view and edit links for activities which had had their activity types renamed and fixed an issue with profiles wherein saved "County" values would not be pre-populated on edit screens. Additionally, he tackled a complex issue with...

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29 April, 2014
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I'm writing from the third day of the post-CiviCon code sprint in Truckee, California.  With 36 participants, we've divided into several groups focused upon making the upcoming CiviCRM 4.5 release as stable and useful as possible.

Led by Dave Greenberg and Yashodha Chaku, our group has tackled several bugs and limitations, yielding a number of improvements in just a couple of days.

Tobias Lounsbury has focused on an issue where reserved profiles, which are required by CiviCRM, had been required to be enabled as standalone forms.  It may seem innocuous, but depending upon your permissions for anonymous users to access profiles, it can make contact listings and/or creation forms accessible by anonymous users.

Bots can fill forms or scrape information, but you may need to have the permissions set that way for allowing other profiles to work.  Toby's solution will allow you to disable that requirement for the...

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10 April, 2014

Today a new blog post about the progress of the implementation of Donor Journeys into CiviCRM. The route we are taking is that we want to create a trigger/action extension for civicrm because most the donor journey automation is based on a trigger/action. e.g. payment coming in resulting in a thank you SMS a day later. 

In our earlier blogs about donor journeys (Donor Journey Sprint Day 1 and Donor Journey Sprint Day 2) you could read about the internal working and the data structure of the trigger extension.

Yesterday and today we have been working on refactoring the extension to meet the requirement of combining multuple triggers and having the possibility to have condition on custom fields as well. So we have decided to let go the trigger action table/structure and have decided that we have a rule_schedule table...

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08 April, 2014

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the first day in the sprint for the donor journeys. I have discussed that we are focussing on a trigger/action extension to automate most of the donor journeys. I wrote a bit about the internal working and the data structure of this extension. 

Today we have finsished the internal working of the system. It is now possible to define triggers and actions. Right know you can enter those only in the database. We have made a start with the user interface and we continue to developer the user interface tomorrow. So that a user can enter a set of triggers and actions. In this blog post I want to show you how you can enter the trigger and actions in the database. The reason is that this will show in more depth how the extension works.

To explain how the extension work let me first explain which trigger/action I will use in this example.

Example: add every...

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07 April, 2014

The planning of this is an outcome of the unconference we had in Januari in London, with LLR, Amnesty Flanders, MAF Norway, Decaid Consulting and CiviCooP. The aim for this sprint, which last for only one week, is to create a trigger/action functionality for civicrm. E.g. we want a trigger that a donor becomes a member of a group of its total contributions are more than 25.000 euro's. Or when a contribution is completed we want to sent out a thank you message based on the communication preferences (e.g. e-mail, sms, postal mail).

What we have done today is to brainstorm on how we want to setup the extension for the trigger and actions. We have created a data structure and started working on the first draft of the user interface. In this blog I want to introduce and explain the data structure and the working of the triggers. 

Internal working

The internal working of the trigger action extension is based on three components:

  1. A trigger (e.g....
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26 March, 2014
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Introducing more donors to our cause, or at least inspiring more of them to make a first (or indeed a regular) gift, is essential if a charity wants to build their income from individuals. But this is a complete waste of resource if all we employ is an effective scatter-gun approach – lurching from one extreme of raining down appeal after appeal onto all of our cash givers to the other of throwing all new regular giving donors into a dark cupboard with no further communication, lest we remind them and they cancel.
The concept of the Donor Journey is to help a charity communicate with a large pool of donors using as close to an individual approach as resources allow. There is no way we can have (tens of) thousands of individual conversations with our donors each and every month to maintain loyalty to our cause. The Donor Journey gives us a strategy to group similar ‘types’ of donor together: moving beyond the simple, but still important RFV (recency,...
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17 October, 2013
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Hello to all who were at the Dalesbridge Sprint

Remember the garden?


A few more pix  here 

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend the sprint and learnt a great deal. Many thanks to all who helped.

I especially appreciate the development of tools like Civix to make it a lot more straightforward to get started with developing Civi functionality.

I hope to be able to create something useful to the Civi community in the not too distant future.

Currently working on configuring Matieu's regional lookup extension to set up client-defined regional segmentation of contacts based on UK postcodes.

Hope to use postcode data from http://www.doogal.co.uk/ - I would welcome any views on the...

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