23 September, 2012

As part of the Bristol Civi Sprint a proposed new layout has been suggested for the existing Find and Merge Duplicates page. The page is used to add / edit Duplicate Matching Rules for the individual, organisation and household contact types. This wouldn't involve changes to the way the Merge Rules work but the changes will make the page easier to use and understand.


This would include changing the use of the confusing terms 'Strict' and 'Fuzzy' to 'Front End' and 'Back End' respectively.  On-screen help text will explain what the terms mean and how to use the page features. The names of the Rules would also be altered so they reflect the fields used to identify a matching contact.


A mockup of the proposed changes can be found here;

14 June, 2012
By brylie

Michael McAndrew

[F]orget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. --Kahlil Gibran


Yuba Confluence

[T]hat which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky... --Kahlil Gibran


    [T]here are those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy,...

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19 April, 2012
By JonGold
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For years, I've wanted to give back to the open source communities I'm a part of.  Often I'm told, "Write code."  More than any other project I've seen, CiviCRM has created alternative ways of contributing back.  At the code sprint, I met people brand new to CiviCRM contribute meaningfully by proposing (and critiquing) workflows for new features, create how-to screencasts, and more.

But I'm a techie, not a non-profit employee.  I want to make a technical contribution.  I know the fundamentals of programming, but have little experience. When Lobo sent me a personal e-mail inviting me to the code sprint, I told him I didn't think I'd be useful.  Lobo's response was, "Come anyway."

So I went to the idyllic Woolman School, and for six days, I was surrounded by many of the world's CiviCRM programming experts.  Everyone else knew CiviCRM's code, I didn't.  Everyone else had features to add, or projects to hack on - I had a general desire to "help out" while learning the code...
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05 April, 2012
By lobo
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We had our 4th CiviCon in San Francisco a few days back. It was a very well attended event with very high quality sessions. We hope to have most of the videos online in the next few weeks. I'm quite keen on watching all the sessions that I had to miss. There were lots of highlights for me personally during this event, i'll make an attempt to recreate some of them here:

  • The quality of the talks I attended were very high. Most groups are using CiviCRM very creatively and pushing the limits in multiple ways. We need to continue on increasing the extensibility thus giving developers / integrators more choice.
  • The quality of the Birds of a Feather session was very high. Unfortunately these were not recorded. Jim's talk on how they use ...
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26 March, 2012
By Eileen
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Last week I wrote a blog about technical debt (comparing it to keeping a kitchen in order). I got a lot of feedback - most of it constructive. I'm going to resist belabouring the whole metaphor & limit this blog to a quick summary of some of the discussion that came out of it.


It's about making it better

There is such a thing as code without technical debt. It is found in textbooks & outputs the words 'hello world'. Code that is actually used has technical debt. Technical debt is a natural by-product of writing code without unlimited resources & time. So, while addressing technical debt is a good thing - saying that CiviCRM has technical debt is like saying CiviCRM is software.


On the flipside, it's important to note that CiviCRM is a remarkable piece of software & it represents a remarkable commitment by...

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03 March, 2012
By rajesh
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It has been an amazing Code Sprint in London this week. Lots done in the week, including GiftAid module fixes to work with Drupal 7/CiviCRM 4.x branch. CiviMobile, CiviCRM testing, Documentation.


Thanks for Katy for arranging the work space in CAN Mezzanine. Thanks to the members of the community who participated in the event and a big thanks to Lobo and Kurund from the core team for making the sprint a success.


Highlights of the past 5 days

  • Erawat and myself did the fixes for CiviCRM GiftAid module to work with Drupal 7/CiviCRM 4.x branch and updated the wiki page.
  • Peter McAndrew working on profiles for CiviMobile. Erawat doing the cool location search feature for CiviMobile (including the 'Use Current Location' feature). Myself doing...
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03 March, 2012
By xavier


The code sprint in London has finished yesterday. It's always a pleasure to see old civi friends and meet new ones. Thanks to Michael and Katy to have organized it. Time for a quick update of what I've been working on with the most obscure title I could find. My focus has been on usuability to make civicrm easier and faster to use.


To make our crm more user friendly, we need to make the pages more "application like", where you can add, edit remove and reorder from the same page without having to switch and go to more pages with forms to fill and save. And load. And wait. And save, and load and wait more...


For instance  -and that will be a make it happen that we launch next week to improve- creating a survey today means you have to go to visit a different page to create the survey, the profile, for each field you add in the profile, for each custom field you need to...

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09 January, 2012

There are various CiviCRM events coming up in London this February, indeed there is 'something for everyone' regardless of your level of experience and familiarity with CiviCRM.  If you can't make it over to the US this April, you should definitley consider participating in one or more of these events...

CiviCRM meet-up

We are starting off on the 8th February with a CiviCRM meet-up - an informal after work event at Third Sector Design's offices at TechHub, Old Street.  We'll have two presentations showing off what you can do with CiviCRM, a Q+A session and a chance to meet and mingle with other CiviCRM users and developers.  Meet-ups are free a great way to get to learn more about CiviCRM and are suitable for those that are new to CiviCRM as well as people that have been using it for years. ...

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18 December, 2011
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Saturday morning I brought the McAndrew bros and later Gergö Tiszi to the train station, which ended a great CiviCRM code sprint in Apeldoorn. I think we had quite some progress on CiviMobile, which looks really nice on my Android. I would like to thank Peter, Rajesh, Michael and Willem for their contribution and Hemma for her enthusiasm. We also improved the test set up and did some testing, for which Michael, Gergö, Xavier, Hans and Michael deserve thanks. I tested the new API class, which was elegantly crafted by Xavier and solved some API issues. Michael got the books going (see his blog post).

Erik B. and I set up a trainer instruction for the developer training, and added the first building block for the API. You can review them at http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCRM+Developer+Trainer+Instructions. The idea is that more building blocks will be added by...

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15 December, 2011
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Although the weather has not been that great during the sprint we have not let that get in the way of our CiviMobile testing. As you'll see, the sprinters have been using CiviMobile at every opportunity possible.  The picture below shows us leaving for the Goede De Woning offices on our 6-person rickshaw, tapping away at our phone screens.


We had the pleasure of being joined by the Prince of Object-Oriented API, Xavier Dutoit, for the past two days, who was working with Erik Hommel on the new Object orientated API and also making Selenium testing easier and faster to setup.


My dear brother, Michael McAndrew has been working on getting the Flossmanuals CiviCRM guides published on civicrm.org so that they’re nicely integrated with the site. He'll be posting to the blog soon, so keep an eye out for info about a sleek new addition to the site....

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