Friday, October 14, 2016 - 15:43
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Good evening. (Or, for folks in America… good afternoon. For folks in Oceania, good morning.) I'm writing from the CiviCRM sprint in Edale (UK), and it’s the height of apple season. In an ordinary year, the local folks here would be shaking the apple trees, getting a bit tipsy on cider, and discovering gravity. But this year, an influx of visitors from around the UK and Europe (and the broader CiviSphere) have come to make this pastoral setting even more beautiful: it’s the land of PR-review and testing.

But that’s not all! We recently had a great sprint/ho-down in Middletown, Maryland, and the two events have produced a huge amount of work. We’re pleased to publish the release candidate for 4.7.13:

This release closes 100+ issues and merges 170+ pull-requests:

A lot of attention has been put into reviews and tests, but that’s only half the work required to ensure a quality release. Now that we have an RC, we need you to try out the RC in a staging site with realistic, worldly data and customizations. For 4.7.13, we’ve expanded the test period for this RC — please spend a few hours trying it out and letting us know how it goes. (Note: 4.7.13 is scheduled for release Nov 2 — in 2.5 weeks. The sooner we get feedback, the sooner we can tackle any remaining issues.)


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Thanks for the heads-up and the extra testing time :)

Edale is an exceptionally beautiful place. I'm jealous of you guys!