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We have continued the research to see how often someone tweeted about organisations that happen to use CiviCRM. We analysed 2023 tweets by 724 users about 175 sites. Not a lot of new sites since last month, but a lot more tweets.

our twitter bot from TTTP (tweet civi) and and some new skills on R allowed us to get more graphs and updated information.


What have they tweeted about?

like last month, about 2/3rd of the tweets where about events, much more than donation, petition and profile. On average, each site has 6 tweets about it (median is 3).


When have they tweeted ?

So definitely less tweets during the week-end than the rest of the week. We had

Which sites?

Looking at the TLD, that's mostly .org domain names, but as well some geographical ones (ca, nz, fr, eu, de ...). However, the vast majority of the sites seems to be for US organisations.

We kept the most visible sites (more than 10 tweets) to see those using best twitter


Mass equality is taking the lead followed by the direct marketing association (presumably given their focus, they know the importance of using twitter) and civicon london helped to boost the number of tweets about itself. If you are from one of the sites that have been more promoted on twitter, could you comment about if it's luck or a strategy (or both)?

As planned, Peter & friends worked on making it easier to add social sharing easier (twitter, Facebook and Google+), and pushed this feature to contribubtion pages, events and improved the one for petition). More blog post soon to introduce this feature.

if you use civicrm and twitter and organise event, do fundraising or have a petition, please could you be sure:

  • you tweet about your events and activitites with a link (at least from time to time)
  • you put in your profile the same domain name as where you host the site?


What words?


For the next version, I will likely add here event help,join... and the other "big" words in the blocklist and remove them.




And, of course, the mandatory message about how you should Follow me on Twitter



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Hi, I run which made it to your list, and you asked whether it was luck or strategy. I'd like to believe the latter... I've been pushing the many virtues of CiviCRM to the club for a while now mainly with a view to running the membership database side, but it really came into its own when our boathouse burnt down (taking a load of boats with it) at the start of August. We needed to do urgent mass communication (for which CiviMail was great), get as many people as possible signed up to an email newsletter (i.e. joining a Group via a profile) and then launch a fundraising effort to get money to build a new one (i.e. paying via a contribution page and creating personal campaign pages). 


We have been pushing the email sign up page and the fundraising page through Facebook, Twitter and increasingly through trackable click throughs on emails (both CiviMail and a third party provider who can do it for individual emails which AFAIK Civi can't). This is clearly a deliberate plan and is working reasonably well so far, so thanks again.


fire, solidarity, membership... heck, could almost be a holywood script! Well, definitely a case study for civicrm it should be ;)


If you want, can extract the list of users that tweeted about you if you don't have it already.



Happy to do a case study. Let me know what you need. Ed