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We have continued the research to see how often someone tweeted about organisations that happen to use CiviCRM. We analysed 5988 tweets by 3478 users about 574 sites.

our twitter bot from TTTP (tweet civi) and and some new skills on R allowed us to get more graphs and updated information.

Although we've had impressive numbers in 2011, I'm not too happy with the result. Luckily, you can help me fixing it easily.

What have they tweeted about?

Since last quarter the percentage of donation has increased, this is due to a small number of highlighy visible sites. On average, each site has 10 tweets about it (median is 3).


When have they tweeted ?

So definitely less tweets during the week-end than the rest of the week still.


Which sites?

Looking at the TLD, that's mostly .org domain names, but as well some geographical ones (ca, nz, fr, eu, de ...). However, the vast majority of the sites seems to be for US organisations.



The next version of civicrm will make it easier to promote your civicrm powered activities on twitter.

if you use civicrm and twitter and organise events, do fundraising or have a petition, please could you be sure:

  • you tweet about your events and activitites with a link (at least from time to time)
  • you put in your profile the same domain name as where you host the site?


Community, we need to talk

If you look at the list of users, you see an amazingly diverse community working to support almost every environmental or humanitarian rights cause, cultural or educational organisations, loads of sports organisations, faith-based organizations, as well as a wide range of other advocacy topics. However, it would be great to see that same diversity on Twitter.

Part of the difficulty to mesure properly who's using our crm is that our biggest users like wikipedia use civicrm "behind the scenes" and they have custom urls for their donation pages that don't indicate they are using civi, so we can't guess simply by looking the links on the tweets.

What can you do to fix this? In the longer term, tweet about your events, donations, petitions or newsletter and ask your supporters to do the same. In the short term, pick-up any organisation you like on this list, find a current event or donation campaign (anything powered by civicrm) and tweet about it.

If you really want to do something useful now and make me happy, please tweet and donate to the ada initiative  that is just short of $30,000 in their latest fundraising round that finishes today. With your help we can have them as the 3rd most visible civicrm user according to twitter too :)


What words?

These are the most common words in the tweets.




And, of course, the mandatory message about how you should Follow me on Twitter



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