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Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created. This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that work on all Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Platform integrations

As well as extensions that install within CiviCRM and work on all CMSs listed below, you can browse directories of integrations that are made specifically for:

Current Usage: 167
Export Permission creates a permission for export - without this permission the export option is not available from the search actions menu.
Current Usage: 167
Move a contribution from one contact to another. This can be done through the contact's contribution tab or through search results.
Current Usage: 164
Current Usage: 156
A tool that allows you to easily correct invalid phone numbers.
Current Usage: 154
Current Usage: 153
This is a lightweight cross-CMS theme for the CiviCRM admin interface. It aims to work with basic responsive support at under 120kb (excluding fonts & gifs).

It has been tested on Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Wordpress and Joomla and is based on the Shelford single-file theme for testing. The extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0 and has been tested with CiviCRM 5.31.0.

The naming follows the CiviCRM theming protocol of naming themses after the place they were created. This was made in Finsbury Park, London, during lockdown.
Current Usage: 138
Current Usage: 136
Provides a few ways to either complicate or simplify your data imports.
Current Usage: 133
Integrates the TSYS payment processor with CiviCRM.

Current Usage: 132
Current Usage: 128
Current Usage: 127
This extension supports CiviXero but has been written so that it could also support different accounting synchronisations in the hope it will encourage greater collaboration. It is a dependency of CiviXero.
Current Usage: 122
Get your supporters chassé-ing through automated email-driven journeys to improve onboarding experience and supporter development.
Current Usage: 121
GoCardless integration to handle UK Direct Debits. Includes setting up mandates and automates monthly payments.
Current Usage: 121