Recovering lost custom reports after migrations / updates

I’m not sure if this will be any use to anyone else, but I needed somewhere to write down the process, so you never know. After migration some of our custom reports have gone walkabouts and are showing this error message… 

"Could not find template for this report instance"

It seems that something has become broken and the path to the report and the report template no longer match, so reregistering / creating brings the reports back to life.

eWay Recurring payment processor extension

eWay is an australian payment processor that provides a seamless connection with many banks and allows for recurring payments, token payments etc.

CiviCRM has had a one off payments processor for eWay for a long time, but has lacked one for recurring payments and now it is finally here!

This payment processor has had a long history and there are many people to thank in it’s evolution.

Using CiviCRM for project management and budgeting

At Green Renters we have tried to incorporate as much of what we do into CiviCRM as possible, we figured that there was no point having a central repository of how everyone engages with our organisation if the information wasn't complete, so we sought to consolidate as much of what we do into CiviCRM as possible. This is a post explaining how we incorporated and integrated project management and accounting into our CiviCRM.


This may be a blog post I expand upon later…

I've seen mentions around the interwebs of socialCRM tools for CiviCRM and what I want to know is… Has anyone started any kind of code or prototyping this idea? If not, I may make a start and anyone else interested in lending a hand… Let me know.

Slightly vague in terms of feature set right now, but take a read through the following links to get an idea:

Views integration maintenance

I love CiviCRM, but sometimes visualising and 'reporting' on data can be a complicated process and personally I think the Drupal Views module is a perfect way of easily generating listings and reports that can be filtered, sorted and manipulated on the fly by non-technical users.

Currently, Views intergration is pretty good but there's more work to do and I'm taking over the views maintenance of CiviCRM, to not only fix bugs, but also add enhahncements and features.

CiviCRM and LDAP… A journey

For some time i've been trying to make my organisations contact list accessible outside of CiviCRM. Why you may ask?

Well, mainly convenience, but also for reducing duplication, maintaining a personal address book, an organisational address book and a CRM will mean inconsistent information, duplicates, contacts in one place and not the other etc. On the convenience side of things, it means potentially having access to your CiviCRM contacts in your email program, phone and many other places LDAP can be utilised.