Monday, February 23, 2015 - 11:30
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iATS Payments is a proud supporter of CiviCRM and all of the great work that it empowers. We believe that giving back as a technology partner is the right thing to do so CiviCRM and all of the organizations that use it can continue to have meaningful impact.
~ Stephen Bestbier

As part of our focus on ensuring that CiviCRM achieves sustainability, we are very happy to announce the creation of a Technology Partner program aimed at companies that seek to actively support the social impact created by the CiviCRM community by providing products and services that integrate with CiviCRM. Our Technology Partner program offers companies that benefit from CiviCRM’s integration additional exposure and recognition, and lots of good karma for supporting the leading open source CRM for nonprofits and civic-sector organizations worldwide.

With over 9,000 active installations, technology companies that provide ancillary services such as payment processors and mass email management stand to benefit from CiviCRM integration and can now directly support the project. In fact, as of this blog post, CiviCRM has signed up longtime supporters iATS Payments, CiviSMTP and Drupal, which provides the framework for over 57% of active CiviCRM installations.

The Technology Partner program is another step that CiviCRM is taking in order to diversify and grow its funding sources. Through individual donations, partner support, and now technology partner participation, CiviCRM will ensure its long term sustainability.

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