Sorceforge Poll: What is the most important factor for success for an open source project?

Sorceforge recently conducted an unscientific twtpoll that yielded interested results. The top four factors in the success of an open source project were:

  1. Good quality code
  2. Developer documentation
  3. interactive community of end users
  4. End user documentation

I think CiviCRM is doing well and continuing to improve on all fronts. For more details, see

Live streaming of Toronto Meetup June 15, 6:30-8:30pm EST

We will be live streaming the CiviCRM Toronto Meetup at June 15, 6:30-8:30pm EST.

To join us, go to

I'll be presenting on How to Plan a Successful CiviCRM Implementation. We're hoping that remote participants will be able to join in our discussions.

Many thanks to the for hosting our Toronto Meetups.

CiviCRM Code Sprint April 18

In parallel with the Drupal sprint ( and CiviCRM training session (, we'll be running a CiviCRM code sprint.

Using an unconference format, we'll likely focus on activism functionality or perhaps squashing some bugs. A great way to contribute to the community while sharing with others and getting support from the core team.

CiviPhonebank - we just need a few other funders

For several years there has been interest in integrating a virtual call centre or distributed phone bank capacity into CiviCRM. Rob Thorne did a proof of concept back in March 2007 tha was used a bit by a political party ( There has been a resugence of interest in recent months and weeks, with over 2 dozen posts and 2300 page views on a single forum thread.