CiviCRM Establishment Committee Elections Update

2018-10-25 08:07
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The first annual CiviCRM Governance Summit was held in New Jersey, USA on 25/26 September 2018, attended by 29 people - core team, partners, users and service providers from around the globe.

The major decision of the summit was to create a representative body to help guide the CiviCRM project.  An outline of the structure was produced, but there are many details yet to be resolved so the secondary decision was to create an interim committee, called the Establishment Committee, for the purpose of defining the eventual structure.  

The Establishment Committee will be formed of 4 partner seats and 5 contributor seats.

For more details see


Nominations for the Establishment Committee and the Voter Registration process have now closed and we are fortunate to have a very capable field of candidates.

Candidates for the contributor seats:

  • Allen Shaw *
  • Christophe Deman
  • Claire Williams
  • Enrico Nardone
  • Erika Bjune
  • Kathryn Carruthers
  • Neil Planchon
  • Nicolas Ganivet *
  • Rose Lanigan

(* Partners choosing to stand as contributors)

Candidates for the partner seats:

  • Alejandro Salgado (IXIAM)
  • Alice Aguilar (Progressive Technology Project)
  • Andrew Hunt (AGH Strategies)
  • Dana Skallman (Tadpole Collective)
  • David Moreton (Circle Interactive)
  • Erik Hommel (CiviCooP)
  • Jamie Novick (Compucorp)
  • Joe Murray (JMA Consulting)
  • Parvez Saleh (VEDA NFP Consulting)
  • Peter Davis (Fuzion)

Further information about each candidate can be found at

Voting Process

Voting will be carried out using and there will be two separate votes: one for contributor seats, one for partner seats.

Contributor seats:

  • Each registered voter will receive an email from inviting them to vote in the CiviCRM Establishment Committee - Contributor election.

Partner seats:

  • Each partner organisation in good standing will receive an email from inviting them to vote in the CiviCRM Establishment Committee - Partner election.  This will be sent to the primary email as recorded on
  • Note: some partners use a generic address such as admin@, info@, hello@ which may be delivered to multiple people.  Each partner organisation has ONE vote collectively so you will need to determine who will cast the vote on behalf of the organisation.

The voting method will be the Single Transferable Vote - see

Under this method, voters rank each of the candidates in order of preference.

The voting paper shows a randomly shuffled list of all the candidates.  Voters add each candidate to the ballot in order of preference and then submit the vote. You do not have to add all candidates to the list, but please vote for at least 5.

All votes are anonymous. After a vote is cast, it is not possible to determine which voter it belongs to, and therefore it cannot be removed or changed.

Voting Period

The voting period runs from Thursday 25th October to Wednesday 31st October.  Voting closes at 11:59pm UTC.

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