CiviCRM Contact Distance Search

Drupal views - CiviCRM Contact Distance Search

MillerTech released this Drupal module back in 2015 but have recently updated with new features (map and use your location) and to make it more configurable.

This module offers a fully configurable/extendable Drupal view that provides the functionality to search from a postcode and a distance.

Use case scenario – Find schools from my postcode within a 5 mile radius.

Contact Checksum UI

This extension provides a simple UI under the contact summary via Actions->Contact Checksum.

When opened a simple UI is displayed with information and example links to use in emails when sending personalised / "update your details" links from CiviCRM.



Are you looking for an extension which helps to create Alerts/Reminders/Messages/Notifications etc.,? Then you are in the right place. Top-notch Extension is here.

The aim of this extension is to create pop-up windows with the given content on given page. You can choose that who can see the created pop-up windows.


Participant Smart Group Creation

This CiviCRM extension automatically creates a Smart Group of Registered Participants to an Event when a New Event is created.

Example Use Case

An event is created in CiviCRM for an upcoming conference occurring 6 months from now. A CiviCRM Mailing is defined to be sent on a monthly basis to promote the conference. Previous to this extension, the promotional email would be sent to ALL contacts in each monthly mailing, which usually result in multiple registrations for the same contact (who registered each month).


CiviCRM and Drupal both place a copy of jQuery on the page, which is inefficient. This module removes Drupal's (older) copy and uses the single copy from CiviCRM for both applications. This results in faster page loads and a more responsive web browser.