Fast Activities (activity performance boost)

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Last updated: 2021-04-12

Works with CiviCRM 5.0 or higher.

CiviCRM Fast Activities

CiviCRM Extension for high performance activity features.

It currently features a replacement for the activity tab in the summary view, and simplified reports with a better performance on systems with large amounts of activities.


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Turfcutter is based on leaflet, a javascript mapping library, and allows for groups of contacts to be created from other groups of contacts by drawing polygons on a map. This is particullarly useful if you want to assign a volunteer to a section of land such as a street or neighborhood. This extension has strong integration with Civi-Campaign, meaning that surveys, canvasses, and walklists can be generated from the cut "turf".

Campaign Manager

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Last updated: 2018-09-21

Works with CiviCRM 4.7 and should work on CiviCRM 5.0 or higher

The module CiviCampaign provides basic functions to link e.g. contributions with campaigns. Thus, it enables users to determine the success of a campaign e.g. in regard to „return on investment“. Such data is most important to fundraisers in order to evaluate and adapt their fundraising strategy.

CiviCRM Extension for CallHub Phonebanks

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Last updated: 2017-03-31

Works with CiviCRM 5.2 or higher.

CallHub is a hosted phone banking service that enables your staff to talk with your contacts over the phone banking campaign and store notes about the call. This extension integrates CallHub with CiviCRM by posting call dispositions and notes as CiviCRM activities attached to the contact record and assigned to the relevant staff person's record.

Financial Summaries

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Last updated: 2018-11-24

Works with CiviCRM 5.3 or higher.

Includes a number of custom searches that help give an overview of financial information. 
Useful for financial and bookkeeping staff of an organization.
Custom searches include:
  • Engagement Summary
  • Contact Financial Summary
  • Contact Financial Exclusion Summary
  • Contribtions with Pricesets
  • Financial Aging

Petition Email

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Last updated: 2013-12-16

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.

The Petition Email CiviCRM extension allows you to automatically trigger an email everytime someone signs a petition. The email can go to one or more static targets or you can do a dynamic lookup of targets by matching the value of a field in the petition signer's contact with a value in a target group's contact.

If combined with an extension that can do auto-lookups of electoral districts, such as the CiviCRM Cicero module (, you can use this extension for e-advocacy campaigns.

Civisualize. The missing data visualization extension

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Last updated: 2020-06-15

Works with CiviCRM 5.24 or higher.

Civisualize is a civiCRM extension which let you visualize your civiCRM data with the power of dc.js and d3.js. dc.js let users create graphs which enable filtering through the data with just a click on the graphs giving you a lot of powers. It's in beta, not going to hurt to hurt your data, do let us know if something works or doesn't.

CiviCRM Entity

This module is specific to Drupal. Information on how to install should be provided in the description of the project.
CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which exposes many CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module that can use Drupal entities can also access and manipulate CiviCRM data, Drupal style. Compatible with CiviCRM versions 4.3-4.7, but works best with 4.6 and above. This module integrates nearly 40 CiviCRM entities as Drupal entities by wrapping CiviCRM API calls in extended Drupal Entity controllers.