Referral Source

This extension allows modifying the contribution Source field based on the 'source' query string parameter, if such is provided in the URL for a contribution page.

For any contribution page, append &source=X to the URL. This will cause 'X' to be appended to the resulting contribution Source field value.

Developed by Joinery. Concept and initial sponsorship by Korlon.

Tax Calculator

Calculates taxes based on the state or province (instead of a global tax rate, or having to create various forms or line items that use a Financial Type with the appropriate tax rate).


This implements a simple firewall for CiviCRM that blocks by IP address in various scenarios.

This is currently a very simple automatic solution with no config and no configuration. It is expected that will change in the future.

Refund Manager

Extension to manage partial or full refunds in CiviCRM through credit notes. Credit notes are nothing but -ve payments with a -ve invoice and a different invoice prefix.
The extension provides following support:
  • Provides "create credit note" option for all types of payments.
  • Supports multiple credit notes.
  • Supports and validates credit note creations or updates through FORMs or APIs, to make sure amount matches with that of original payment.

Google Analytics Event and E-Commerce Tracking

Web Tracking

This feature allows organizations to track traffic for their online event and contribution pages. The tracking reports provide organizations with valuable information like the number of visitors over a specific duration of time, the average amount of time visitors spend on their web page, the number of new visitors vs the number of returning visitors, the type of web browser used by their visitors, the origin/nationality of their customers and a lot more.

Event and E-Commerce Tracking