Find Payments

This extension allows to find and export payment(s) for contribution(s). 

Find payment searches all the payments associated with contribution. It also allows to Edit payment for contribution if the payment is not through payment processor. Find payment search  build as a component search that is also available to advanced search. 

This extension allows to export selected payments in csv format. 

GoCardless Direct Debit Payment Processor for CiviCRM

This extension is working well for collecting regular donations from UK supporters.

Using it you can enable supporters to set up direct debits and every month when GoCardless takes payment this extension adds to and updates your CiviCRM contributions automatically. If someone cancels their Direct Debit this also updates your CiviCRM records. This extension uses the latest GoCardless API.

CSV Import Helper

This tool helps you prepare CSV spreadsheets for importing data into various types of record in CiviCRM. Full documentation, including a worked example is available in the Documentation.

What problems does this help with?

  • You have a load of data to import as contributions or activities (etc.) to import but because this came from an external source it doesn't have CiviCRM Contact IDs in it.

Financial Summaries

Includes a number of custom searches that help give an overview of financial information. 
Useful for financial and bookkeeping staff of an organization.
Custom searches include:
  • Engagement Summary
  • Contact Financial Summary
  • Contact Financial Exclusion Summary
  • Contribtions with Pricesets
  • Financial Aging

Percentage Price Field

Screenshot of Percentage Price Field extension in action.


This extension allows you to add an "Additional Percentage" field to any price set, which will automatically calculate and add an additional amount to a transaction, as a configurable percentage of other selected price set options.