This implements a simple firewall for CiviCRM that blocks by IP address in various scenarios.

This is currently a very simple automatic solution with no config and no configuration. It is expected that will change in the future.

Refund Manager

Extension to manage partial or full refunds in CiviCRM through credit notes. Credit notes are nothing but -ve payments with a -ve invoice and a different invoice prefix.
The extension provides following support:
  • Provides "create credit note" option for all types of payments.
  • Supports multiple credit notes.
  • Supports and validates credit note creations or updates through FORMs or APIs, to make sure amount matches with that of original payment.

Google Analytics Event and E-Commerce Tracking

Web Tracking

This feature allows organizations to track traffic for their online event and contribution pages. The tracking reports provide organizations with valuable information like the number of visitors over a specific duration of time, the average amount of time visitors spend on their web page, the number of new visitors vs the number of returning visitors, the type of web browser used by their visitors, the origin/nationality of their customers and a lot more.

Event and E-Commerce Tracking


Integrates the TSYS® payment processor (for Credit/Debit cards) into CiviCRM so it can be used it to accept Credit / Debit card payments on your site.

PCP Hide Amount

This provides an additional option for donors who are contributing on a PCP (personal campaign page). They can already select to have their donation show up in the honor roll or not, for the PCP they are supporting. This extension gives them the further option to choose if the donation amount is displayed or not, in that honor roll text.



Is CiviProspect for me?

CiviProspect provides the core structure for creating/ managing/ converting the fundraising opportunities of an organisation. It can also be used to manage any monetary opportunities such as sales opportunities and event sponsorships.

Create prospects

PayPal Google Analytics Tracking

This extension adds the ability to send google analyitcs events when a PayPal IPN is processed to enrich the data in google analytics.

This extension is only compatible with CiviCRM versions 5.8.0 and later