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This extension alters the sort name saved for organisations. It allows you to remove the 'The' from the beginning. The sort name is used from quicksearch so removing optional strings makes it easier for users to search and to realise the contact already exists with or without the 'the'.

Form Field Library

This extension has a collection of form fields which can be used in other extensions. For example the Search Action Designer uses this Form Field Library to provide field types on the form after a search.

Below an example of the Message Template field and the Option Group field. The latter is configured to show the activity status.

Former Communication Data

This extension saves old emailaddresses, phone numbers and addresses for contacts in a specific tab (custom group) called Former Communication Details. Whenever you delete (or update with new relevant data like emailaddress, phone number or address data) the former communication data will be saved in this tab.

Profile Conditionals

The Profile Conditionals extension allows site administrators to configure in-page changes to fields and page elements in response to user actions.

Based on user selection, this extension can conditionally:

  • Show or hide field elements

Event Participant Letter

This extension allows for an email message to be sent automatically, in addition to the confirmation email, upon registration of a participant, using any existing message template. This behavior is configurable for each event, and is useful for sending lengthy or heavily formatted content beyond CiviCRM's standard receipt/confirmation message.