CASL Support

Provides some basic fields and functionality to assist with compliance for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (or other similar legislation like CAN-SPAM).

These fields are for all contacts and track consent for communicating with them. Contacts that don't have consent (or where it's expired) will automatically have the no-bulk-email flag set. This extension was developed by PeaceWorks Technology Solutions.

Data Processor

With the data processor you can build complex queries easily in the user interface and display them as a search, api or export as CSV.

The data processor is an extension with which system administrator can do the following:


CiviCRM Extension that provides support for Authorize.Net (Credit Card, ACH/EFT (eCheck) and recurring billing).


  • Replaces the (deprecated) payment processor that ships with CiviCRM core.
  • Uses the official libraries.
  • Supports Credit Card.
  • Supports ACH/EFT (echeck).
  • Supports recurring billing (ARB).
  • Supports payments via CiviCRM backend.
  • Supports cancel/update subscription via CiviCRM backend.


The the

the the
This extension alters the sort name saved for organisations. It allows you to remove the 'The' from the beginning. The sort name is used from quicksearch so removing optional strings makes it easier for users to search and to realise the contact already exists with or without the 'the'.

Form Field Library

This extension has a collection of form fields which can be used in other extensions. For example the Search Action Designer uses this Form Field Library to provide field types on the form after a search.

Below an example of the Message Template field and the Option Group field. The latter is configured to show the activity status.

Former Communication Data

This extension saves old emailaddresses, phone numbers and addresses for contacts in a specific tab (custom group) called Former Communication Details. Whenever you delete (or update with new relevant data like emailaddress, phone number or address data) the former communication data will be saved in this tab.