Profile Conditionals

The Profile Conditionals extension allows site administrators to configure in-page changes to fields and page elements in response to user actions.

Based on user selection, this extension can conditionally:

  • Show or hide field elements

Event Participant Letter

This extension allows for an email message to be sent automatically, in addition to the confirmation email, upon registration of a participant, using any existing message template. This behavior is configurable for each event, and is useful for sending lengthy or heavily formatted content beyond CiviCRM's standard receipt/confirmation message.

Related Tokens

This extension adds to CiviCRM’s list of tokens by creating new tokens that reference information from related contacts. For every existing contact token, such as display name or birth date, etc., the extension generates additional related field tokens for every enabled relationship type.

Relationship Job Title

CiviCRM displays a contact’s current employer and their job title in the Contact Summary Page; but in the Relationships tab, only the contact’s employer is listed while their job titles is not. This extension displays the contact’s job title with the current employer relationship.

This extension includes configuration options such as allowing display of job titles for relationships other than employer/employee.

Email Double-Check

Email Double-Check allows administrators to add a second email address field in specific profiles. The extension confirms that the email addresses in both fields are the same, reducing the likelihood of mistakes in the entry.

Since the extension must be specifically allowed for each profile after a general in-site installation, it can be enabled for specific profiles without affecting others.



CiviCRM natively responds to clicking an email address by opening an email activity within CiviCRM. This extension alters the email link to a standard "mailto:" link, so that the browser handles it in the more common fashion, by routing it to the user's default email reader. This extension affects email links in search results and contact summaries.



This extension turns specific text fields into select fields with customizable options from a specified Option Group. The “(Custom value)” option allows free-form values when necessary. 

Installation and Usage: 

Checksum Export

This extension makes the checksum of the contact available for exporting.
This extension is developed for the use case where an organisation wants to send letters to its members to pay the membership fee
online. The letter contains a QR-code which is basically the url of the contribution page, this url needs the checksum as parameter.
The letter is generated from a csv file and mail merge.