CiviCRM - Core


Record expenses and financial declarations in CiviCRM.

DataBC Geographic Data Services

Provides administrators with option to set the primary Geocoding method to DataBC in the Administer -> System Settings -> Mapping & Geocoding. Administrators can set a backup Geocoding method on: /civicrm/admin/setting/databcgeocode for addresses outside of British Columbia.

Inferred Tags

Allows selected tagsets' tags to be inherited via relationships.

Loud Notices - Make php E_NOTICES and E_WARNINGS fatal while developing

Makes E_NOTICES and E_WARNINGS fatal. This extension is for developers.

While you can set error_reporting in php, there are situations where the E_NOTICES and E_WARNINGS are "hidden" by popup forms or ajax calls and so you never see them unless you check the CMS logs while developing. Some CMS's may not even log them.

Call Next Dashlet

Provides a "Call Next" Dashlet for the CiviCRM Dashboard and a Call Next Log Block for the Contact Layout Editor.

Group Administrators

Allows you to specify administrators who have access to groups and contacts within those groups.

Contacts will only be able to see groups for which they are administrators and the contacts in those groups.

Invoice Helper

Alters the "Email Invoice" form to add a few fields similar to other email forms (to, cc, subject with tokens, message templates), as well as generates payment links for pending contributions that can be copy-pasted from the View Contribution page.

Silent User Registration

Adds a new CiviRule action "Add User to CMS", which allows you to silently add CMS users when conditions of your choosing are met.