CiviCRM - Core

Hierarchical ACL

Hierarchical ACL - Add ACL based on a Relationships Hierarchical Structure

View the replaced token values for sent email activities

When sending a non-bulk email, e.g. using Contacts - New Email, what gets stored on the resulting activity for tokens are the literal tokens themselves, which can be useful for troubleshooting but you also often want to see the replaced values.

Replace core logging with Monolog

Experiment to use monolog for logging instead of, or as a supplement to, CRM_Core_Error_Log.

DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION. May cause drowsiness.

Theme test

This provides a page with copies of HTML snippets in use throughout CiviCRM. e.g. (at least pre 5.31) buttons were coded in many different ways; this extension has a copy of each type of button on one page so you can check if your theme renders them nicely. This was originally part of Artful Robot's "Aah" theme, but it was suggested that this be extracted.


Debug Tools is a collection of tools to facilitate the development in CiviCRM.

Language Menu

Adds a language switcher to the CiviCRM menu bar. It can replace the built-in CiviCRM language switcher block, and also supports Drupal7's language scheme using "inherit CMS language".


Provides an API for providing a wide range of custom content and forms for external websites regardless what technology the external site uses.

City Selector

Replaces city textbox field as autocomplete select2, chained either to State/Province or County.
It doesn't replace the `civicrm_address`.`city` field type, it remains as classic varchar, just replaces the textbox in Contactts edition form as a select2 control

Finsbury Park cross-CMS Admin Theme

This is a lightweight cross-CMS theme for the CiviCRM admin interface. It aims to work with basic responsive support at under 120kb (excluding fonts & gifs).

It has been tested on Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Wordpress and Joomla and is based on the Shelford single-file theme for testing. The extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0 and has been tested with CiviCRM 5.30.0.

The naming follows the CiviCRM theming protocol of naming themses after the place they were created. This was made in Finsbury Park, London, during lockdown.