SQL Tasks Extension - Configurable recurring tasks

Disclaimer: The scope of this extension is implementers and skilled administrators only.

Creating a custom scheduled job is a bit of work, you had to create (i.e. code) a custom API and then call it via a scheduled job. If you have a lot of those, it's also quite easy to lose track of them.

The "SQL Tasks" extension allows you simply configure any number of scheduled jobs via the UI. It is essentially a SQL driven, configurable execution of any of the following generic CiviCRM actions:

SMS conversation

SMS conversation allows you to automate SMS conversations with contacts in CiviCRM. It builds on work originally done in the Chained SMS extension.

Development of SMS conversation was funded by the National Democratic Institute. Development of the original Chained SMS extension was funded by Future First. SMS converstation was Developed by Michael McAndrew, Third Sector Design and Matthew Wire, MJW Consulting who can be contacted for support and further development.

CiviCRM Log Viewer

This is a naive, simple log viewer for the CiviCRM debug log that normally goes in


It shows a summary of the entries in the current log file, in reverse chronological order, with links to a detailed view of each log entry. It makes no attempt to read or find older log files (the log files get rotated from time to time).


REST Log is a small extension for CiviCRM which maintains a log of API calls made through the REST interface. This is useful if you have a external service which interfaces with CiviCRM through REST, and you would like an audit trail for the actions which the service performs.