View My Event Participants


CiviCRM extension granting access for event creators to view or edit their events' participants.

Why would you need this extension?

This extension is only needed if you have users who create events but who do not have permission to view or edit all the participant contacts of those events. I.e. the event creators do not have "view all contacts" or "edit all contacts" permission and do not have permission via ACLs (access control lists) to view or edit all the relevant contacts.

Financial Summaries

Includes a number of custom searches that help give an overview of financial information. 
Useful for financial and bookkeeping staff of an organization.
Custom searches include:
  • Engagement Summary
  • Contact Financial Summary
  • Contact Financial Exclusion Summary
  • Contribtions with Pricesets
  • Financial Aging

Event Helper

Provides several custom searches:

'Fancy Participant Search'  - This search can easily list just the participants who choose "session AAA"  from your priceset options and send them all an email or SMS/Text message.  

Percentage Price Field

Screenshot of Percentage Price Field extension in action.


This extension allows you to add an "Additional Percentage" field to any price set, which will automatically calculate and add an additional amount to a transaction, as a configurable percentage of other selected price set options.  

Custom Contribution Statuses

Custom Contribution Statuses allows users to switch back and forth between core defined Contribution Statuses and custom Contribution Statuses. Without this extension, CiviCRM by default prevents switching from custom contribution statuses in an attempt to avoid accounting data corruption, since it doesn't know what entries should be posted. This extension helps organization with specialized support for non-core accounting processes.

Participant Smart Group Creation

This CiviCRM extension automatically creates a Smart Group of Registered Participants to an Event when a New Event is created.

Example Use Case

An event is created in CiviCRM for an upcoming conference occurring 6 months from now. A CiviCRM Mailing is defined to be sent on a monthly basis to promote the conference. Previous to this extension, the promotional email would be sent to ALL contacts in each monthly mailing, which usually result in multiple registrations for the same contact (who registered each month).

public autocomplete of organisation names

This civicrm extension allows an anonymous user to have an autocomplete field instead of a free form one for the current employer, to avoid mispelled/duplicate organisation names

Tested on the following forms:

  • profile edit (/civicrm/profile/create)
  • event registration (/civicrm/event/register)
  • contributions pages (/civicrm/contribute/transact)
  • View/edit Drupal account (e.g., /user/%uid/edit/name_and_address)

Patch welcome for other forms.