E-mail API

The entity for the E-mail API is Email and the action is Send. Parameters for the api are specified below:

  • contact_id: contact which will receive the e-mail
  • template_id: ID of the message template which will be used in the API.

It is not possible to specify your own message through the API.

Public Mailings Archive

This extension creates archive list of public mailings in CiviCRM. You will need to enable the "CiviMail: view public mail" permission. This only pulls completed mailings that have the "Public Pages" set for the visibility.

Modifiers* You can pass modifiers through the url to filter the list of mailings. These can also be used in combination with one another. ---Template Id---If you want only public mailings that use a specific mailing template: "civicrm/public_mailings_list&reset=1&tid=22"

CSS Inline

This extension uses the cssin library (https://github.com/djfm/cssin) to convert style sheet links to inline css. This is important for content that is going to a gmail account to render correctly. Also, it makes it easier to see the same thing in your browser as the final email

For example

Outbound Domain Enforcement

This extension is designed to preserve the email reputation of your server and its IP by ensuring that all outbound email is sent from an address with the same domain as the System-generated Mail Settings From Email Address configured at Administer > Communications > Organization Address and Contact Info (civicrm/admin/domain?action=update&reset=1).

If the server running CiviCRM is not authorized to send mail on behalf of a From address, perhaps because of a very tight SPF policy, it can lead to the server and / or its IP being blacklisted as a spammer.