ReportPlus extends the default CiviCRM Form's Framework adding new features


Relationship Overview Report

Relationship Overview Report

This extension creates the CiviCRM report template "Relationship Overview". It allows a condensed, aggregated overview of your contacts' relationships. You can define which relationships are listed; tags can be selected as well. The field then simply lists all the values, separated by a comma.

CiviREBUX : Native Report Building Extension

CiviREBUX is a native CiviCRM extension for drafting custom Contribution and Membership reports via a drag-n-drop interface. CiviREBUX combines powerful visualization and transformation techniques which gives users full capabilities of modern browsers and freedom to design the right elements for their reports. CiviREBUX also supports saving and loading of report templates f

Upcoming Birthday Report

This is a simple CiviCRM report giving you a list of the upcoming birthdays of your contacts. Simply install the extension, create a new report, and use "Available for Dashboard" to give you the list upon login.

The extension is currently localised for English and German, but it since the infrastructure is there, adding another language should be pretty easy. We're also planning add more features (see here), but currently lack the funding.

No Drill Down

When viewing reports, clicking on a contact's name brings you to the contact's record, not their Contact Detail Report or Contribution Detail Report.