Custom Search

Data Processor

With the data processor you can build complex queries easily in the user interface and display them as a search, api or export as CSV.

The data processor is an extension with which system administrator can do the following:

Financial Aging Custom Search

This extension provides a search that shows financial aging of overdue contributions such as recurring contributions and pledge payments.

Filtering and grouping by financial types is supported correctly using the line item financial types.


The CiviMobileAPI extension is a CiviCRM component that allows to use a mobile application CiviMobile.

CiviMobile is a native mobile application granting CiviCRM users immediate, secure and high-speed connection to CiviCRM, so that they leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones.



Customize CiviCRM's QuickSearch

  • Hide Contact's basic fields that are not normally used in a quicksearch
  • Add custom field in the QuickSearch

Recurring Contribution Search

The recurring contribution search adds a custom search to CiviCRM in which a user can search for recurring contributions. With recurring contributions we mean the agreement (such as donate every month 10 euro); not the actual contribution.

You can find the custom search under Search --> Custom Searches --> Recurring Contribution Search


This CiviCRM extension tries to makes CiviCRM less intimidating for the
not so tech savy **user**. Note that it does require a tech savy **admin** to
configure this extension in your instance.

Documentation can be found on the github page:

NameName spam contact custom search

A simple custom CiviCRM search to find contacts that have the same first and last name (often these contacts are spam and can be purged.)

How to Use

Install by cloning to your CiviCRM extensions directory and then enabling as usual for CiviCRM extensions. This will create a new search under "Custom Searches" (civicrm/contact/search/custom/list?reset=1) called "NameName (Spam search for first name = last name)".

Financial Summaries

Includes a number of custom searches that help give an overview of financial information. 
Useful for financial and bookkeeping staff of an organization.
Custom searches include:
  • Engagement Summary
  • Contact Financial Summary
  • Contact Financial Exclusion Summary
  • Contribtions with Pricesets
  • Financial Aging

Event Helper

Provides several custom searches:

'Fancy Participant Search'  - This search can easily list just the participants who choose "session AAA"  from your priceset options and send them all an email or SMS/Text message.  


Provides extra tools to assist organizations with a lot of families, households, and couples in their CiviCRM database.   Current features include family/spouse information at a glance when viewing a contact record.  

For example:


It includes  4 custom searches: