This extension helps you creating custom API's that retrieve query result data. If an external application needs information from CiviCRM that cannot be expressed using API parameters, you can use this extension. It allows you to create a custom API that returns data from an SQL query, in a way that you can use API filters, options and joining as always.

For more information, see the project page on github.


This CiviCRM extension provides dashlets for atom feeds, because the native CiviCRM blog dashlet only supports rss. (I think.)

For the moment it supports only one feed. But I want (at some point) to be able to support multiple feeds.

More info on the github project page.

Financial Item API

This extension adds a new API to CiviCRM: Entity is FinancialItem, action is Get. You can also use the derived actions getsingle, getvalue, getcount etc.

As there is only a retrieve function in the CiviCRM Core BAO CRM_Financial_BAO_FinancialItem which retrieves a single financial item there is also a class CRM_Financialitem_FinancialItem with a method getValues to get the Financial Items with a param list.

The extension has been developed for one project which uses CiviCRM 4.4, and I have also tested it locally against CiviCRM 4.6.


Allows points to be allocated to contacts.


Install in the usual ways, either from the CiviCRM extensions repository or by downloading directly from GitHub. If you download a snapshot you may need to rename the extension's directory to the extension's key (uk.org.futurefirst.networks.civipoints). If you intend to use CiviPoints with CiviRules, install CiviRules first.

Create your points types in the 'Points Type' option group. It is suggested that you keep the 'Value', or points type ID, numeric.