CiviCRM Monitoring for Nagios

This is a CiviCRM extension to make it possible for a Nagios monitoring system to track the functioning of a CiviCRM site.  Initially, services tracked are:

  • whether CiviCRM is up-to-date
  • how recently cron has run
  • extensions that are out-of-date
  • what the mailing backend is
  • if a payment processor is set up

This won't help CiviCRM itself function, but it will help you track it alongside other systems that you may be using. Integration

At its most basic, this extension uses to retrieve accounts for contacts by matching their email against over 100 social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It also allows searches to be made for keywords in their posts to these accounts, looks up Klout scores to determine how influential your contacts are on social media to assist in segmenting and targeting your engagement efforts, and displays an image of your contact if one is available from gravatar, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

CiviCRM Entity

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which exposes many CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module that can use Drupal entities can also access and manipulate CiviCRM data, Drupal style. Compatible with CiviCRM versions 4.3-4.7, but works best with 4.6 and above. This module integrates nearly 40 CiviCRM entities as Drupal entities by wrapping CiviCRM API calls in extended Drupal Entity controllers.
  • Contacts
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Phones
  • Events
  • Participants

Mandrill Email

This extension provides email delivery for CiviMail and/or other email from CiviCRM via the Mandrill service. Mandrill is an email service that runs on the email infrastructure that powers MailChimp. It is a high quality, low cost option for email delivery, with no loss of delivery functionality, quality or performance in comparison with alternatives.