Contact Layout Editor: A MIH Success Story

2018-09-11 13:39
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It's here! Thanks to over $16,000 contributed by 24 individuals and organizations, we are pleased to announce the official release of the Contact Layout Editor. The success of this Make-It-Happen campaign is a tribute to the power of the CiviCRM user community coming together to create something that benefits everyone. Originally seed funded by the Wikimedia Foundation (BIG thanks to WMF for this!), the Contact Layout Editor MIH went on to raise funds from these incredible community members:


With this extension you can take full control of the contact summary screen; rearranging and renaming blocks, as well as designing your own blocks by dragging & dropping fields. You can choose which layouts are shown to certain users, and design custom layouts for each contact type.

Make sure you are using the latest version of CiviCRM (the newest release includes Api v4), and you can automatically download & install it from the Manage Extensions screen.


This extension opens up exciting new possibilities for developers to write new blocks for your layouts. At the time of this writing two extensions have taken advantage of this, and more are sure to come:

  • Relationship Block - Allows you to choose relationship types to display on the summary screen, similar to "Current Employer" but for any relationship.
  • Extended Reports - Turn CiviCRM reports into "Reportlets" that can display as contact summary blocks.


Following on this sucessful Make-It-Happen campaign, the CiviCRM Core Team is excited to launch our next crowd-funded initiative, Form Builder, a native drag-n-drop form designer for creating and editing all types of CiviCRM forms. Contribute now to support this important new development!

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Thanks Coleman !

It's really a great improvement for the much used summary screen. In most cases, it needs to be tweaked to better fit the needs of organizations and it will greatly simplify the ability to do this.
We've never had to change the layout depending on the user's profile, but now that the customization is easy and the creation of new blocks can be done in seconds, i can definitely see some good use of this (editor vs member manager vs administrator).

I also very much look forward to the new form builder !

Anonymous (not verified)
2018-09-20 - 03:52

Congratulations, this feels like a really important change for making Civi more accessible.

Just one query, can't for the life of me seem to find how to add a Block from Extended Reports. Had a fairly thorough browse through Civi and can't find any info in any documentation. Can confirm that I have the latest version of Extended Reports installed - 3.5. Not sure if I'm missing something.

That new feature is something of a work-in-progress. So far only 2 reports support the feature: "Extended Report - Memberships with Price set information" and "Extended Report - Contributions"

To see if a report supports it, go to the "Display Options" tab and look for the checkbox labeled "Make available for contact summary page."

Also the feature is only in a pre-release version, not 3.5. You can download the Extended Reports extension directly from github if you want to try it out.

Anonymous (not verified)
2018-09-24 - 03:03

Ok no worries, thanks for the clarification. Wasn't clear from the blog post that the feature was still a work in progress for the mentioned extensions.