Fundraising with CiviCRM: Promote Honorary Giving

2018-06-27 08:57
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We all give to causes because we care, but we may care more about the person who's asking us than the cause our money is going to. That's completely fine and completely normal. Nowadays nearly one-third of all online donations come from peer-to-peer campaigns, which are especially effective for Millenials and Gen X. 

Jumping into peer-to-peer fundraising could provide your organization with some beautiful opportunities; however, you might not be ready. Fortunately, you have options directly out-of-the box with CiviCRM for easily collecting honorary, memorial, and celebratory gifts.

The United Way of Central New Mexico uses this feature well on their general online donation page.

You have complete control over what fields you want to collect when a donor is making an honorary gift. The donation also automatically creates the honoree as a contact in CiviCRM or updates their existing contact record. That means no more reconciling or hunting down information and manually recording it in the system. Because of CiviCRM's great reporting options, you can easily see the donor and who has the "soft credit" for the gift. Put this information together with your unique donor recognition strategy and you are building a formula for success.

Learn more about the nitty-gritty of how to setup honorary giving and run reports by contacting us at

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