Fundraising with CiviCRM: Tie Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Efforts Together with CiviCampaign

2018-06-27 09:15
Written by

Your nonprofit doesn't have just one fundraising strategy. You have many. Think events, donor letters and appeals, e-newsletter blasts, planned giving, and capital campaigns. Each of these strategies typically targets a specific segment of your community, even if the funds raised impact the same budget line.

Your CRM system should make it easy to tie together and understand the effectiveness of your efforts. Fortunately, if you are using CiviCRM you get that functionality out-of-the-box with CiviCampaign. With CiviCampaign you can tie together events, mailings, activities, and contributions under one umbrella, or campaign.

Every dollar you raise, no matter how (offline gift manually entered, online event registration, major gift, corporate sponsorship) can be tied back to the same goal. You can easily use these campaigns as a filter in Advanced Search or your Reports. You can also take immediate action, such as emailing all individuals who have contributed towards a specific campaign.

Contact Skvare to find out why we think this is much better than relying on customized "financial types" in CiviCRM and everything you can do with your campaigns once they are set up.

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