24 March, 2014

One of the best attended sessions at NTEN's 14NTC was the Data Visualization session.  It was not only standing room only, but it also included people sitting on the floor and standing outside the room trying to hear tips and insights about this hot topic.

CiviCRM has a wide selection of reports.  Users can choose out of the box reports, but if these don't meet your needs, you can also customize them.

There are times though, that there is a need to analyze data, not only from CiviCRM, but from other applications, such as an online store and/or your CMS.  The beauty of CiviCRM is that it's so flexible and open that it can integrate with third party applications like Jasper.  We have used Jasper successfully with our clients - in our experience, Jasper offers more flexibility in terms of input and output, reports are quicker to develop and there's no need to know PHP.

Following are four samples of reports that our clients have requested, utilizing...

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24 March, 2014

What do we celebrate on March 8th?  If you guessed March Madness, guess again!   March 8th is International Women’s Day.  What is maddening is the fact that there’s still so many women worldwide that don’t experience the same rights as men.  There’s been a lot of progress, yet still a lot of work needs to be done.  

A nonprofit that has worked tirelessly to help women achieve gender equality is the US National Committee for UN Women (USNC-UN Women).  USNC-UN Women’s goals are to:

  • Advocate for funding for UN Women through US Congress
  • Educate on global women’s issues and UN Women in communities around the country
  • Raise private funds to support the initiatives of UN Women
  • Support legislation on global women’s issues, especially on leadership, economic participation, ending violence against women, and peace and stability
  • Partner with other National Committees, women’s groups, and like-...
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20 March, 2014

The French Chamber in the Netherlands provides services to approximately 200 members, from individuals to large corporations, hosts 20 events each year, including one major fundraiser and publishes a quarterly newsletter.  The organization is run by a team of five staff members and a board of directors. 

The chamber is part of a network of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (UCCIFE) which includes 111 chambers in 81 countries.  Many of the UCCIFE chambers are currently using CiviCRM to manage their activities and the French Chamber in the Netherlands joined that group of CiviCRM users in September 2012.  Cividesk, a software as a service provider, managed the implementation and customization, provided training and hosting and continues to provide mentoring and technical support for CiviCRM.
Leontine Van den Herik and Tjamke Van der Ven from the French Chamber recently spoke with ...

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19 March, 2014
In last month's Community Newsletter, we included a poll that consisted of a few questions:  
1.  What is your role
2.  Type of stories that you like to read 
3.  Suggestions for other content
Thanks so much to all that responded.  Following are the results we received:







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11 March, 2014

Hello from Washington, where we've finished our first day of the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference events--halfway through the User and Administrator Training. 

(Read more about what's going on here this week at my previous blog post.)

But I have a request for all of you out in CiviLand--send us your awesome CiviCRM pages!  Show off what you've done for event pages and registration forms, contribution and membership forms, contact listings, petitions, and more.  We'll automatically show it at the NTC.

To secure your spot in the limelight, just tweet your url with the hashtag #civibooth and we'll take it from there!

(Shy about tweeting? You can also fill out the form at http://aghstrategies.com/civibooth instead.)

I'll give an update in a couple of days--you have through Friday afternoon to tweet your...

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10 March, 2014

Going to the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC this week?  Join us at several CiviCRM community events!

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24 February, 2014
I now feel like a have a long history with CiviCRM as I first started working with the software in 2006. At that time I was working for GMCVO, a UK based organisation that supports local charities/not for profit organisations, managing a project that needed to provide a CRM system to sixteen organisations. Although I’d been working on web based IT projects for a number of years previously, I then had little experience in CRM systems.  After some research we decided to start using CiviCRM and it was a fantastic choice! Over a couple of years we rolled out CiviCRM and Drupal websites to all the organisations involved in the project. After completing this mammoth task I managed to persuade the Director of GMCVO that we should start to sell CiviCRM implementation services. This turned out to be a great idea and GMCVO Databases is still going strong.
As the team grew at GMCVO Databases I...
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24 February, 2014
By yobc
The Youth Orchestra of Bucks County (YOBC) was founded in 1991 by a father and his eighth-grade daughter who recognized an unmet need in the area for advanced musical training to supplement school programs. Now in its 23rd year YOBC is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for young musicians to achieve artistic excellence through enriching classical music experiences. From a single 50-member ensemble, the organization has grown to include nearly 300 students in grades 3–12, in eight large ensembles and five chamber groups. These students, representing 27 school districts in Bucks and surrounding counties, come to YOBC every week to hone their skills and achieve their musical goals. In over 20 years, YOBC has enriched the lives of nearly 2000 students.
From its start YOBC was a volunteer-run organization that operated strictly on its tuition-based budget. When the founder retired in 2006 the new Board president made it a priority to...
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23 February, 2014

Park Circle Film Society is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 micro-nonprofit in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Its mission is to enrich the community through film by:

  • Screening independent films,
  • Educating the public about the motion picture arts and sciences, and
  • Fostering civic engagement and community outreach.

Started in late 2008 by four friends with less than $500 in startup funds, PCFS needed to leverage open source technology from day one. Having no physical office, the entire stack needed to be web-based. In early 2009, we implemented CiviCRM on Drupal to manage contacts, memberships, donations, email marketing, and volunteers.

PCFS currently screens 60-70 times per year to more than 2,000 film fans, plus an annual 2-day shorts festival. No other arts organization in our state manages this level of programming without at least one full-time employee. So CiviCRM's biggest...

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13 January, 2014

If it’s taking too long, there is a faster way… 

As I was getting ready to print our labels for this year’s Christmas cards, I first needed to add the address for about 80 of our clients in our CiviCRM.    Piece of cake, right?  Yes, if you take advantage of the Batch Update via Profile.   Unfortunately, I was unaware of this feature, so this simple task took me a whole day to complete.  

I performed a search for all of our customers’ employees.  Once the results were displayed, I proceeded to edit each contact that didn’t have an address.   In order to do this, I had to go to every single contact record.  Every time I finished adding and saving the address to a contact, I would have to run the search again and then edit the following contact without an address.  This was time consuming and cumbersome.

What I should have done instead, was: 

Make sure I had a Profile with the correct fields...

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