01 September, 2013

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Oslo to work with MAF Norway for 2 days, together with my CiviCooP colleague Jaap Jansma. MAF Norway is a very inspiring group with very ambitious fundraising goals for the next couple of years. And they believe they need CiviCRM to make it possible for them to achieve those goals. It was an extremely inspiring visit for both parties involved.

Let me give you a little background on our involvement with MAF and the next steps with CiviCRM, and then Martin from MAF will take over the keyboard and tell you about MAF Norway and their fundraising.

About 18 months ago we got a mail from Steinar in Norway, who works at MAF Norway to ask us to introduce ourselves as they wanted to do someting with CiviCRM and there was no support in Norway. Over the months we had a couple of email exchanges and Skype conversations. And in the last 2 months we started with their first CiviCRM install, working closely together with Circle Interactive (...

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22 August, 2013
By awasson

First off, I don't know if anyone is working on a desktop CiviCRM application and I've pinged Lobo and Dave Greenberg on the subject and they haven't any knowledge of it either so this is all just conjecture unless someone is currently working on a desktop based CiviCRM connected application.


The other day as I was thinking about some of the projects we are doing with CiviCRM, it struck me that the web server request/respond bottleneck can be a real problem for some of the day to day tasks a CiviCRM administrator tends to do. Nobody complains about the massive administrative feature-set that CiviCRM encompasses but I do hear complaints about the speed it takes to do various searches, import/exports or updating contact records on a per-contact basis. For me the speed seems pretty typical for a website based application but I suppose if you're used to using Act, Filemaker, Access, Excel or whatever desktop solution was used before it can...

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15 August, 2013


Mónica Tapia-Alvarez and Isobel Platts-Dunn

Alternativas y Capacidades


In 2009, with Common Cause International technical assistance and while developing a new citizen advocacy model for educational reform, we assessed the importance of IT solutions for managing members, petitions and donations from a large number of citizens. The IT solutions that US-based organizations used were discarded because their license was extremely expensive for Latin American organizations (Convio annual license cost is around US$50,000) and had in-built US representatives and media that was useless for Latin American contexts.

Through searching for different tools (a search suggested by...

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25 July, 2013

Well this is my first post on the CivCRM Blog and I am very honoured to have been given the privilege by David Greenberg. We are a CRM consulting company - meaning that we provide consulting and advice to companies who require a CRM system or who have a CRM system in place but want to know how to use it to its full capacity.

We received a grant from the Western Australian Department of Commerce to work in partnership with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.  The funding was to provide educational workshops to West Australian businesses about what CRM is and how it can benefit your business.  As part of the funding we were also to carry out two pilot CRM implementations.  One of which was to be for the Chamber to manage these workshops as well as their other events and memberships.

The Fremantle Chamber were actually the ones who suggested that CiviCRM would be a good fit for them as it was open source and seemed to meet their requirements.  After some research and...

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03 July, 2013

I'm currently undertaking a vast overhaul of how our site (greenrenters.org) displays and handles events as they are our main interaction point with the public. I'll document what I learn in a series of blog posts and here's the first.

Some say that showing what's left to people motivates them more to take action and do something, wethere or not you think that's true is a completely different story, but here's some code to add (probably in a locally overriden 'CRM/Event/Page/EventInfo.tpl' file). For teh below to work, you need to have maximum participants on an event enabled.

{crmAPI var="ParticipantS" entity="Participant" action="https://civicrm.org/get" sequential="1" event_id=$event.id }
// Gets the current particiapnst registered for the event

{* $x=$event.max_participants, $y=$ParticipantS.count *}
// Assigns our variables for the calculation below

Remaining - {math equation="x - y" x=$event....
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23 June, 2013

For some time i've been trying to make my organisations contact list accessible outside of CiviCRM. Why you may ask?

Well, mainly convenience, but also for reducing duplication, maintaining a personal address book, an organisational address book and a CRM will mean inconsistent information, duplicates, contacts in one place and not the other etc. On the convenience side of things, it means potentially having access to your CiviCRM contacts in your email program, phone and many other places LDAP can be utilised.

Initially I tried the google apps sync extension but that had a couple of pitfalls, firstly you need google apps (which you may not have), if you do have an account, you will need a paid account (again not necessarily a blocker), but the main problem I hit was that the extension can only write (a Google limitation) to your accounts directory, which...

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15 June, 2013

This is a post to start a discussion, something of an expansion of Dave's blog (Let's Market CiviCRM better) and Jessica's blog (Expanding end users). I guess it's about starting to get some practical ideas around toolkits to help the community undertake the ideas mentioned in the above blogs.

Over the past couple of weeks I have done a couple of CiviCRM consultations and demos with interested parties, some who had never seen CiviCRM before and others who had.

I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable with navigating around CiviCRM and thus when giving demos, I can show people features i think they will appreciate and enjoy, in the appropriate ways and clearly explain concepts, techniques and approaches for use.

In some of the consultations...

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18 March, 2013


Lisa presented this work at the SF Meetup in March. Her presentation slides are here

Three years ago I set up a Drupal-based community site for our children’s K-8 public charter school. As the school’s needs grew, I integrated CiviCRM to enable online enrollment, tour registration, ticket sales, volunteer hour tracking, and other functionality that had previously been accomplished through unwieldy paper forms.


As I began to work more closely with a local arts education non-profit, I realized the lessons I had learned from working on the school site were directly applicable to the organization’s needs. SFArtsED runs a summer camp program for children. Till this year, all registrations were completed  on a paper form that was sent, along with a check, via snail mail. The Registrar mailed back four forms to the parent, who filled them out and mailed them back to...

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18 February, 2013
By jcm55

One of the most common phone calls we receive at Bay Area Children's Theatre is "Are tickets still available for performance xyz?"  That call is especially common on show days, when most of our staff is at the performance venue and not in the office to answer the phone.

BACT already uses Asterisk to provide our virtual PBX and I wanted to see if there was a way to automatically give callers a list of sold-out performances based on CiviCRM event data.  I discovered an Asterisk AGI script called GoogleTTS that uses Google's text-to-speach API to read arbitrary text to callers:


The only thing that was left was to come up with a little php to get the list of sold-out events from CiviCRM and pass it to GoogleTTS to read it to callers.  The php is pretty straightforward -- it uses the CiviCRM API to fetch the list of events with start_date > today.  Two small...

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13 February, 2013

Next Tuesday at 9AM PST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CET (more timezones here) we're having a 'Fundraising with CiviCRM' Google Hangout where we'll explore how three organisations are using CiviCRM for fundraising.  We are aiming to keep this session really end-user focused, and something that fundraisers who are new to CiviCRM and those that are already using it will find useful.

We are really grateful for Kellie Brownell from the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the USA, Owen Bowden from Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in the UK, and Sebastien Baijard from Wikimedia France for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their wisdom.

We'll be broadcasting the hangout live at...

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